MSP Today Expert Feature
June 05, 2013

Content Management System Floating on Cloud 9

Content Management Systems (CMS) used to be just for truly Web-focused shops. But what company today isn’t Web savvy?

That doesn’t mean a CMS is easy to install and use. They usually aren’t.

But with the cloud, you can get away from the hassles of installing, configuring and managing the CMS.

New Hampshire-based Ektron has been in the CMS game in one way shape or form since 1998. Now a new partnership with Cloud 9 (great name, eh?) is putting the Ektron CMS way up in the Cloud 9 cloud.

“Businesses want their websites to drive results, not create more headaches,” said Ben Schilens, senior vice president of client operations at Ektron. “Ektron Managed Cloud keeps your resources focused on delivering your digital strategy, not on having to host and manage a website. It builds on our ongoing efforts to reduce complexity and increase efficiency for marketers, developers and IT managers.”

The service is already available and one customer is ready to roll. “Our digital marketing focus needs to be on delivering great content to customers, and Ektron allows us to make that our top priority,” said Veronica Vicente, global brand compliance officer at Crowe Horwath International. “Using Ektron's managed services and development team makes a world of difference to the Crowe Horwath team.”

With the Ektron Managed Cloud, you can still build and manage websites and content design pages via drag and drop. And the CMS supports the creation of mobile-ready content.

The CMS integrates with a variety of tools such as SharePoint, as well as CRM and Analytics software.

Ektron now has more than 3,700 customers and powers more than 12,000 public sites. Customers include Microsoft, NASDAQ, Dell (News - Alert), Wal-Mart and the Las Vegas Sands.

Ektron isn’t the first, nor will it be the last to cloudify its wares. There are tens of hosted CMS solutions, meaning that customers and MSP partners can choose a solution as much on the CMS features and style as the cloud underpinnings.

Edited by Alisen Downey