MSP Today Expert Feature
April 11, 2013

SpiderCloud Moves Cellular Data Back to the Enterprise

There’s a lot of effort toward ensuring high-quality cellular service and coverage in the field, but what about in the office?

This is a question SpiderCloud Wireless asked, and it sees a market opportunity.

SpiderCloud provides wireless solutions for mobile network operators. Tackling the issue of cellular service indoors, an essential for enterprise customers in this day and age of bring your own device, it allows providers to deploy networks inside of buildings with tremendous capacity in very quick deployment times.

This ability to deploy networks quickly and easily inside buildings can give mobile network operators the ability to differentiate their services from the competition.

“It is a net benefit for network operators because it allows them to solve the connectivity problems that people have with their phones and devices inside,” Russell Agle told TMCnet during ITEXPO (News - Alert) Miami this year, director of business development for SpiderCloud. “But what is exciting about what we do is that is allows network operators to offer a differentiated service to their enterprise subscribers.”

One of the aspects of the SpiderCloud solution that is particularly interesting is how it is deployed.

“It is a cellular network that deploys like an enterprise Wi-Fi system,” enthused Agle. “So it really allows the cellular devices, whether they’re phones, dongles, tablets, to participate in the enterprise IT infrastructure.”

Placing cellular inside the enterprise IT infrastructure has significant advantages for CIOs.

Since the system deploys like Wi-Fi, it brings an added level of monitoring, security and auditability that enterprises haven’t had in the past. No longer does cellular take employees beyond the reach of the enterprise—and that is a big differentiator!

“At the same time, it allows network operators to start deploying or enhancing cloud services in real-time for enterprises with tremendous flexibility,” added Agle.

The company also recently added integrated Wi-Fi to the system. So now it doesn’t just deploy like Wi-Fi, it allows network operators to actually deploy both Wi-Fi and cellular at the same time.

“Now with one deployment, network operators can truly differentiate with a multitechnology system for enterprise subscribers in very rapid, very economical terms,” he said.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey