MSP Today Expert Feature
February 25, 2013

OneNet Reveals Three New Modules to Enhance LiveVault Experience

HP Autonomy’s (News - Alert) latest cloud-based backup solution, LiveVault, will now be available with three “as-a-service” modules.

As partners for over 10 years, HP has now begun launching some of the modules to its global partners, with OneNet beginning software development some 18 months ago at the University of Auckland with a team of 18 students.

Michael Hoskins, Software Development manager for OneNet said, “Partners and customers using as-a-service solutions want to have important information about their services available at a glance, at their fingertips, from almost any device. With OneNet’s suite of add-on LiveVault modules, they now have access to this information.”

For many years, companies looking for a reliable and secure cloud-based backup solution have used HP’s LiveVault Server Backup service.

OneNet has now come up with a plethora of solutions for partners, designed specifically to enhance their experience. They have added an automated tool for managing and provisioning customer trials, improved visibility of customer metrics, and API integration to feed into existing billing and dashboard systems.

OneNet has also developed a workflow-based “closing engine,” which provides the ability to automatically and efficiently convert trials into paying customers, with MSP’s and HSP’s. There will be minimal manual intervention in this process.

Customers can now use the OneNet- developed LiveVault dashboard to gain a better insight into trends and usage in their LiveVault backup environment. Stephen Spellicy, director of Enterprise Data Protection at HP Autonomy said, “LiveVault has always been an industry leading cloud-based backup solution, and now with the introduction of OneNet’s LiveVaults modules, we have taken a significant step in enhancing our value proposition to LiveVault partners and customers.”

The three modules, Reporting, Closing, and API, give an integrated suite of tools that allow the MSP’s and HSP’s to get an overview of the health of their LiveVault environment, and keep track of the overall health of their backup environment with usage metrics and alerts.

Edited by Brooke Neuman