MSP Today Expert Feature
February 22, 2013

AppDynamics Releases APMaaS in a Box for MSP Market

AppDynamics revealed that it would be releasing new software called APMaaS in a Box (News - Alert), which is a set of files and scripts designed to help MSPs provision multi-tenant controllers and AppDynamic licenses for customers within a company’s personal data center or cloud platform.

Simply put, Application Performance Management as a Service serves a simple purpose: to improve the end-user experience. The program allows users to, track, and diagnose applications components to increase performance and stability. The new APMaaS in a Box takes advantage of this technology while introducing some new functionality.

“By utilizing AppDynamics’ APMaaS in a Box, MSPs across the world are leveraging our quick deployment, self-service license provisioning, and flexibility in the way we do business to differentiate themselves and gain net new revenue,” said AppDynamic’s in a blog post. “Within six hours, MSPs like NTT (News - Alert) Europe who use our APMaaS in a Box capabilities will have all the pieces they need in place to start monitoring the performance of their customer apps.”

In addition to quick development, AppDynamic promises the new platform would give users complete control over the licensing with personalized flexibility, meaning users could sign up on a month-to-month basis without having to sign a commitment.

“Only paying for what you sell eliminates the cost of shelf ware. MSPs can also sell AppDynamics however the would like to position it and can float licenses across customers,” said AppDynamics. “NTT Europe uses a 3-tier service offering so customers can pick and choose the APM (News - Alert) services they’d like to pay for.”

AppDynamics said the company would continue to work on expanding its products. “MSPs who continue to evolve their service offerings to keep pace with customer demands will be well positioned to reap the benefits and future revenue that comes along with staying ahead of the market…I encourage you to take advantage of the growing APM market with our easy to use, easy to deploy APMaaS in a box. If you won’t, your competition will.”

Edited by Rich Steeves