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February 22, 2013

Vaultive 3.0 Revealed to Increase Encryption, Data Residency Support

Vaultive, a provider of cloud data encryption solutions that help maintain the security of data stored on cloud-based services, announced on Tuesday the revealing of Vaultive 3.0, which will notably support Microsoft (News - Alert) Office 365 and Exchange 2013.

"Vaultive is setting the pace for enterprise-grade cloud encryption gateways," Aviad Lahav, systems architect for Vaultive, said in an article on iStockAnalyst. "We have extended core functionality to ensure that customers can achieve functionality and security as they take advantage of cloud-based services, while delivering the platform scalability that enterprises require."

Vaultive 3.0 will have new features that allow customers to protect their data, along with putting global deployments of cloud-based services into action that customers can use simultaneously. According to iStockAnalyst, Vaultive meets enterprise requirements for scalability and performance through the introduction of global load balancing, clustering across and within nodes, and management capabilities for multiple data residency jurisdictions.

This news comes a month later after it was announced that Vaultive had joined the Rackspace Cloud Tools program, which allows over 190,000 customers that use the Rackspace (News - Alert) Cloud the option to use any of Vaultive’s encryption solutions for their business information.

“Risk-conscious organizations are still wrestling with structural concerns regarding how to control, secure and protect their data,” said Stephen Salas, cloud market development manager at Rackspace. “We are pleased to have Vaultive joining the Cloud Tools Marketplace to offer technology that specifically addresses the need for organizations to retain full control of data, while experiencing the true benefits of cloud computing.”

Primarily optimized for Microsoft Office 365, the Vaultive platform supports best practices for the control and ownership of corporate data in the cloud as outlined by the Cloud Security Alliance. Vaultive 3.0 is the first and only generally available encryption gateway that runs while in-use or at rest that can support Exchange 2013.

Edited by Braden Becker