MSP Today Expert Feature
February 15, 2013

Amazon Redshift and Birst Join Forces

In effort to fix the glitches in Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), which could cause companies vested in it to potentially lose millions of dollars, it has made Redshift available to all of its customers.

On January 31, the Amazon homepage was done for 49 minutes, and for a one billion dollar project, this could mean the potential loss of millions of dollars. Although the company didn’t make public the reasons for the interruption, figures in the industry are speculating it may have to do with the switch Amazon made to AWS.  

The malfunction brings to light issues that may surround companies that use AWS, as it has experienced interruption in the past with other big companies like NetFlix, Instagram and Foursquare (News - Alert). Or, others are suspecting a cyber-attack. Whichever it is, users are waiting for Amazon to come forward with an explanation of this event.  

However, instead of explaining why it happened, Amazon wasted no time to release its newest solution.

Amazon Redshift was made possible by the partnership between Amazon and Birst (News - Alert) Inc., a business analytics company. The new solution will help businesses build, manage and analyze relational full data warehouses, and is built for the cloud, which runs alongside AWS without requiring any type of expensive or slow cloud-to-cloud integration.

“With order of magnitude improvements in price/performance, Amazon Redshift makes big data analytics accessible to more people, allowing large organizations to analyze more of their data and smaller ones to afford fast, scalable data warehousing technology," said Raju Gulabani, vice president of database services at Amazon Web Services (News - Alert), as AWS announced that Amazon Redshift is available for use. 

Birst will work simultaneously with Amazon Redshift to create a business analytics platform that provides a full data warehouse automation solution.

To join Birst and Amazon for a webinar on March 28, click here.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo