MSP Today Expert Feature
February 15, 2013

Agilance Virtualizes its RiskVision Platform

We all take a risk when we walk out our doors in the morning. In the business world, however, the risks are great, and the stakes are high.

Between internal security issues, regulatory compliance and external cyber-threats, organizations of any kind need to prioritize risk management. Unfortunately, no company can manage risk if they don’t have enough eyes on the problem. Limited internal expertise or a shortage of IT staff can mean that some risks become realities.

When there aren’t enough hands on deck, outsourcing risk management makes sense. Agilance recognized this need in the market and created its RiskVision platform.

Rated by Gartner (News - Alert) as “Strong Positive,” RiskVision identifies actionable risk and traces potential risks to people, processes, data and assets. Then, the solution both monitors assets and data in real time based on a company’s greatest risks and produces automated threat and remediation actions.

Instead of staying on-premise, RiskVision has soared into the cloud. Managed Risk-as-a-Service (M-RaaS) from Agilance, based on the RiskVision platform, gives partners a solution for cloud-based risk mitigation.

“The company’s new Managed Risk-as-a-Service enables us to help existing and new customers that lack the internal IT expertise and resources to address cyber threat remediation, security incident response and regulatory oversight,” stated Ron Borsholm of Bell Canada (News - Alert), who is a security assessor and a senior security solutions consultant.

Agilance has made its M-RaaS service available to its distribution partners with its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) program. Partners receive access to the MSSP certification logo, online and consultant support for marketing, and training offerings.

Additionally, Agilance offers low-cost startup packages for partners and charges for its product based on customer usage. This policy means that customers don’t have to commit to costly contracts.

Customers get tiered M-RaaS delivery based on their threat, incident and compliance needs. They also receive 24/7 support directly from Agilance.

Organizations of any size need to anticipate and thwart risk. Agilance is expanding its reach by taking risk management into the cloud.

Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli