MSP Today Expert Feature
February 08, 2013

CipherCloud Selected by Novati Technologies for Advanced Gmail Encryption Services

Novati Technologies, the leading provider of silicon wafer fabrication, contract research and development, and commercialization services, announced that it has selected CipherCloud for its advanced Gmail encryption services. CipherCloud is the global leader in cloud information protection, offering encryption gateway capabilities and other security features for enterprises to leverage.

In association with Cloud Sherpas, one of the top cloud service brokerages in the world, Novati Technologies is directed towards cloud-hosted email services, while protecting data-at-rest, freeing IT resources, and lower email costs. Another core benefit is that the user experience with Gmail remains the same, because the advanced encryption gateway feature of CipherCloud preserves the sort and search features on encrypted data. Acquiring CipherCloud’s Gmail encryption service has also enabled Novati to use Smartphone devices for securely accessing E-mail via Google’s (News - Alert) Gmail.

CipherCloud for Gmail efficiently eliminates residency, privacy, and compliance related issues with advanced cloud email encryption. It is a cloud Gmail encryption gateway that inhabits within the network, transparently securing your Gmail messages while retaining the functionality and user friendliness that people love. It thoroughly encrypts E-mail subject, attachments, and body onto Google servers, ensuring that the content is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone outside the organization.

CipherCloud for Gmail facilitates transparent encryption and decryption of messages, allowing the users to enjoy near-to-zero latency and comprehensive protection, while retaining the advanced Gmail capabilities and features like calendar, searching, chat, and contacts. At the same time, users can access their Email from any form of desktop or mobile device, with full security. One of the key benefits that Novati enjoys with CipherCloud for Gmail is that the former retains the encryption keys, enjoying complete control over the data. Even if the system admin of CipherCloud gets access to email files, they will not be able to decrypt or understand the content of such messages.

As stated by Patrick Meyer, director of IT, Novati Technologies, if encryption of data using CipherCloud is available, a better choice would have been not to use a cloud service for E-mails. But the rationale behind using CipherCloud Gmail encryption services is in freeing up significant IT space and lowering the costs, he remarked. While other options were also considered, the combination of Gmail and CipherCloud was not only ITAR compliant, but also offered what the company was actually looking for.

Novelty Technologies is now planning to move the key elements of ERP system into cloud and using CipherCloud Connect AnyApp to quickly and efficiently set- up encryption for any cloud or web hosted application.

Edited by Ashley Caputo