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February 06, 2013

CloudNet, Appcore Move the Cloud Over the Asia-Pacific Market

With cloud computing in general making significant inroads all over the planet, there's still plenty of room for companies to get in and compete for a slice of that particular market. Appcore, a source of what's described as the only complete automated cloud computing platform in the industry, announced yesterday that it was working with CloudNet to bring an array of cloud services to the Asia-Pacific market.

CloudNet and Appcore's combined services allow for both content streaming services and similar cloud functions to be brought to the Asia-Pacific market, with the primary goal of making IT simpler overall for the user base and taking the lead in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provision.

CloudNet's primary focus is in the Hong Kong and China markets, though some expansion from there is likely to take place under the new arrangement.

CloudNet's primary focus is to "make IT simple," a focus that it looks to accomplish with the help of cloud-based services and an accompanying involvement with automation. Since Appcore also offers several other useful services, like administration functions – as well as custom architecture and app store technology – the two sets of functions dovetailed very well.

With Appcore's improved automation focus, CloudNet can stick to private label cloud services at the service provider and software company level, while also allowing for content streaming capability with reduced levels of latency.

Appcore's COO, Brenda Fonseca, further detailed some of the reasons behind the partnership with CloudNet; "They are coming into the Asia market at a pivotal moment when business people are on the cusp of transitioning to the cloud environment. CloudNet will now be able to provide their customers with cloud services through local cloud infrastructure while also expanding Appcore's global federated cloud network."

A combination of good timing and well-matched services brought the two companies together, but what does this mean for the larger cloud computing market? Cloud computing has been in an expansion state for some time now, as various separate factors like the rise of mobile devices and the rise of mobile workers come into play to take advantage of cloud technology to improve their own productivity and create better results.

Offering more services to businesses with an eye on improving efficiency and the like should play very well by the time it's all said and done, and with Appcore and CloudNet able to offer a wider, better array of services in that vein, should leave them better off and improve the business environment as a whole.

It's looking like a win-win in cloud computing markets in the Asia-Pacific market, but as ever, it's one to watch. The possibility that other firms could come in with an eye toward competing with the Appcore / CloudNet team-up is substantial, especially given the sheer size of a still developing market.

Some competitors have already been spotted on the ground in the region, so seeing how another destabilizing element comes into play should be well worth watching.

Edited by Braden Becker