MSP Today Expert Feature
January 29, 2013

WinZip 17 Now Supporting Box Cloud Service

WinZip Computing has introduced a free update to WinZip 17 this week, which enables support for Box (News - Alert), in addition to the other cloud storage services that it currently maintains. WinZip 17 will make cloud storage safer and easier by directly integrating with popular cloud platforms such as Box, Dropbox (News - Alert), Google Drive and SkyDrive.

WinZip 17 unifies one’s file storage system by providing a single place to save and access files from accounts with Box, Dropbox, Google (News - Alert) Drive and SkyDrive. The program also boasts Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) level encryption, which is a particularly secure form of encryption that meets many government standards for data protection.

The update to WinZip will also save time and bandwidth by increasing both upload and download speeds and decreasing bandwidth needs during transfers.

WinZip provides an easy way to convert files into a variety of formats to make sharing easy, and has many convenient methods of sending files to contacts through e-mail and social media sites.

Patrick Nichols, president of WinZip, commented that, “With new support for Box, WinZip 17 connects to the industry's leading cloud storage services, making it ideal for anyone who wants added security and convenience when saving and sending files. Whether you're using the cloud for better collaboration at work or to backup personal info and memories, WinZip is the trusted and affordable solution that lets you store and share with confidence.”

Registered WinZip 17 customers can download the update for free from The company has products for more than just Windows, including Mac, iOS, and Android (News - Alert) operating systems – compatible with all current versions of windows: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

WinZip is currently available on its website for $29.99 (standard), and $49.95 (pro). More information and free downloads are available here.

Edited by Braden Becker