MSP Today Expert Feature
January 24, 2013

AVM Impact's AV Global Alliance Program Merges into Global Presence Alliance (GPA)

As the largest provider of audiovisual, videoconferencing and unified communications solutions and services in the world, the Global Presence Alliance (GPS) has many options for partnerships and mergers, and now the company has officially put one in place.

AVM Impact announced on Thursday that it has agreed to merge its AV Global Alliance program with the Global Presence Alliance (GPA).

This merger is aimed to strengthen the GPA’s already dominant foothold in the industry by absorbing AVM Impact, which itself is the most successful audiovisual and videoconferencing integrator in the UK.

AVM Impact is itself the product of a successful recent merger between AVM and Impact, and this next merger will surely benefit the GPA, as it will be leveraging the combined strengths of both original companies.

“The GPA and the AV Global Alliance have both been successful in raising market awareness and providing innovative global solutions,” said Julian Phillips, vice president of Whitlock, founding partner of the GPA in the Americas. “Brining the programs together makes it easier for customers and technology providers to select the most capable partner to help drive enterprise standards and global services.”

In total, this merger will combine partners from more than 70 locations across five continents, covering every time zone. Together, GPA and AVM Impact have over 50 international companies that already use their services, so the two companies will build upon one another to raise much greater market awareness of the benefits of global collaboration.

AVM Impact’s CEO Ed Cook also commented on the merger, saying “We are truly delighted to merge the AV Global Alliance within the GPA; it is our aim to use this combined scale to develop ever more sophisticated engagement models and standards based solutions to meet the needs of our global customers.

Cook himself is “very excited about the prospect of delivering a whole new level of service,” which he notes “includes further improved global capabilities for our enterprise customers and partners.”

Edited by Rich Steeves