MSP Today Expert Feature
January 24, 2013

Indigo Sky Casino and Hotel Chooses Agilysis Software for Managing Operations

Agilysis, a developer of software solutions for the hospitality industry, announced Thursday that its software for property management, procurement, point-of-sale and inventory will be used by the Indigo Sky Casino and Hotel in Wyandotte, OK. The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma owns and manages the 117-room property, which is located near the northeastern corner of the state, just a few miles west of the Oklahoma-Missouri border.

Agilysis is based in Atlanta, and develops customized software solutions for a variety of industries including hospitality, government, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation. The resort chose Agilysis because of its comprehensive suite of solutions that allows users to manage all aspects of the facility’s operations.

The Lodging Management System (LMS) automates many processes that hotels daily, like reservations, housekeeping, accounting and credit card processing software are a few of the operations that LMS manages. The software is web-based, meaning less maintenance for IT staff.

Anyone who gambles on a regular basis is familiar with comps, the perks that casinos give to guests who spend a lot of time at the tables and machines. LMS provides interfaces between players’ accounts and the reservation system, allowing for better management of comps.

Point-of-sale processing is handled by the InfoGenesis POS module, which allows hotels to manage the multiple retail operations on the property such as bars, restaurants, shops and spas. Cashiers ring up purchases on easy to use touchscreen interfaces, while the back office staff handles reporting and configuration. Reports can be generated any time with up-to-the-minute numbers.

The Stratton Warren System provides complete procurement and management. Hotels can use it to save money by automating what were was paper-intensive manual processes. Identifying the best suppliers, bidding, requisition and invoicing are all automated.

A complete integrated software system like the one Agilysis provides is a must-have for a resort with complex operations like Indigo Sky has. The property features a 54,000 square foot casino, five restaurants, a lounge and a gift shop. Managing the reservations, purchases and amenities at such a resort is no small task and is best done by a solution that addresses all operations of a hospitality business.

The process of buying software has its share of disadvantages. Software produced by a vendor may not solve all the unique problems a company has, leaving that business with an imperfect solution. Vendors usually own the rights to the software that they develop so they dictate the price and terms of licensing, which can be costly to some companies.

Agilysis appears to have done the analysis to develop an effective solution for Indigo Sky and their software is used in larger operations in Las Vegas like Terrible’s Hotel and Casino and the Cosmopolitan.

One of the old corporate adages is that you would not get fired if you bought IBM (News - Alert). In the hospitality industry Agilysis may soon have that same credibility.

Edited by Ashley Caputo