MSP Today Expert Feature
January 24, 2013

Proofpoint Secure Share Advancing Security and Compliance in the Cloud Age

There has been a lot of debate regarding how organizations and enterprises should be implementing security at the cloud level. The fact that we have entered into the age of pervasive technology does not make the situation any better. It has become hard to distinguish between work time and leisure time with the same devices used for both contexts interchangeably. The result of this has been tremendous opportunities and significant risks to corporate and organizational data due to the possibility of sharing the wrong information with the wrong people. The solution may be cloud-based solutions designed to enable enterprise users to securely exchange files, while staying compliant with enterprise data policies.

Proofpoint (News - Alert) is one company offering these services, and to continue delivering significant enhancements to its security-as-a-service solution, the company has announced its winter 2013 release. The new features and enhancements of the release include a new cloud-based solution for secure, compliant file transfer, called Proofpoint Secure Share.

End users will now be able to securely exchange large files in compliance with enterprise policies without impacting the internal e-mail system and the IT infrastructure. The solution has been built to enable administrative control over traditional file transfer methods and existing on-premise solutions. Even public cloud file sharing services cannot match what this solution brings to the table.

Proofpoint Secure Share automatically enforces DLP rules, such as blocking or encrypting sensitive content together with recipient authentication features, which protect confidential information to ensure only valid, verified recipients receive sensitive files. More than 20 pre-defined lexicons and 35 smart identifiers that comply with complex, global data protection regulations have been added to detect personal, financial and health information.

Each Proofpoint Secure Share file link is also assigned a limited expiration time that administrators can configure. File transfers that violate enterprise policies are blocked or quarantined. End-user notification and reporting features, together with access tracking, have also been added to maintain an audit history of file sharing actions.

Proofpoint is a trusted brand in cloud security, having been positioned in the 2012 Leaders Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving by Gartner (News - Alert). The new cloud-based solution and enhancements will no doubt ensure that Proofpoint maintains that position, at least for now.

Edited by Brooke Neuman