MSP Today Expert Feature
January 18, 2013

LabTech Integrates with Intel vPro to Cut Costs and Enhance Customer Service

Remote monitoring and management platform LabTech Software has partnered with Intel (News - Alert) vPro technology to enhance its remote system management and recovery services.

By integrating with Intel vPro KVM, managed service providers will have the ability to access a remote computer's keyboard, video and mouse even when the operating system is not operational or if the computer is not turned on. Problems such as application failures due to system blue screens or startup failures that prevent computers from booting can be remotely diagnosed and remedied, thus reducing onsite visits.

"It's rare that I'm truly blown away by today's technology but seeing a product feature we've been ignoring for two years become accessible to us through LabTech was simply amazing," Alan Sielbeck, president and co-founder of Safe Networking Solutions, said in a statement. "The way LabTech takes advantage of the Intel vPro feature set benefits our business and our customers in many ways. We can provide an even higher level of service for the same cost as competing MSPs while saving on labor expenses by supporting customers without having to go to their sites. LabTech is the only RMM platform that makes Intel vPro features both easy-to-use and profitable to implement."

LabTech decided to integrate with vPro technology not only for financial reasons, but to also increase productivity and provide customers with a more convenient experience. 

"LabTech is committed to extending our solution by seamlessly integrating widely available vPro technology that allows MSPs to simply click and remotely connect and control machines without the need to manually visit them," Matt Nachtrab, CEO of LabTech Software, said in a statement. "Intel vPro-based PCs typically experience half the average downtime of a non-vPro PC and vPro further reduces the need for IT service providers to make onsite visits to repair OS or hardware failure and reduced overall supportability costs. This integrated solution is an excellent way for our partners to make faster repairs, avoid computer site visits and improve customer service levels, all of which lead to increased revenue."

LabTech partners will be provided with free access to Intel vPro KVM support.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey