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January 14, 2013

Securicom's Managed Firewall Solution Upgraded with Advanced Reporting Engine

The Managed Firewall solution from Securicom has been upgraded with an advanced reporting engine, offering a number of enhanced features to users. Business tools enabled through the updated solution include monitoring, management and insight into the status of both the firewall and users' behavior.

Securicom's managed solution provides an online dashboard that offers real-time intelligence on trends and events throughout the system. These include bandwidth and CPU utilization, unusual or disallowed user browsing actions and length of browsing sessions, websites accessed, the status of ports and a variety of additional security-related information.

The Managed Firewall offering also delivers alerts based on a range of criteria, which may be configured to suit business requirements and enable administrators to respond quickly to issues and events. The new reporting engine is provided as a value-added addition to the company's existing Managed Firewall service.

The firewall solution also offers perimeter protection along with next-generation UTM security features. It includes technologies from a number of trusted providers that are packaged and delivered as an integrated service. Additional benefits include secure Web browsing, Web content and URL filtering, network traffic management, virus protection, secure remote connectivity and safe site-to-site communication.

The managed offering is non-invasive to clients' infrastructure, with no special system requirements needed except for an internet connection. It is Ethernet based and requires no direct interface with a telco infrastructure, which further reduces security risks. The standard version of the offering includes the online dashboard, while an optional wireless controller centralizes the management and monitoring of all supported access points, securing them on a single console to ease the management of wireless traffic.

“With the new reporting engine and dashboard, companies can immediately see if a port goes down or if an employee accesses a website they shouldn’t be visiting, or if there is a spike in traffic," explained Brenwin Traill security consultant at Securicom.

"Not only does the system offer a higher level of reporting, but it also provides for long-term log retention which is beneficial for compliance and investigation purposes. While the standard Managed Firewall solution keeps logs for 60 days, the advanced version allows companies to keep logs for as long as their compliance requirement dictates.”

He added that the company is also working on evolving the solution into a fully-managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service, to be made available early this year.

“This will combine our advanced perimeter protection features with sophisticated web security tools, backed by team of security experts and offered as one managed service," concluded Traill. "It’s the next step in the evolution of our managed firewall solution."

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo