TD SYNNEX Better Understands Technology Ecosystem Trends


TD SYNNEX Better Understands Technology Ecosystem Trends

By Greg Tavarez

Technological change is constant. Looking back at past decades, businesses connected in the global IT ecosystem have seen the advancements when it comes to technology, and that trend likely means the IT ecosystem of today is bound to be different tomorrow than it is today.

TD SYNNEX, IT ecosystem distributor and solutions aggregator, has gained better insight on the future of the global IT ecosystem based on a range of topics; from growth strategies and business challenges to customer needs and strategic investments.

Cloud portfolios are big right now, thanks in part to the pandemic. Because of that, resellers plan to shift resources to expand their cloud portfolios, according to the TD SYNNEX report. The main reason for this is because cloud solutions such as multi-cloud management and cloud integration dwarf all other technology solutions that resellers plan to offer in the next two years.

Sticking with the cloud, 82% of resellers plan for a near total adoption of as-a-service models for the next two years. The report indicates that this is a short leap in logic from reseller’s responsiveness to customers’ technology solutions needs and the intended expansion of cloud offerings.

Think about it. Customers want flexibility when it comes to payment terms, and the trend toward OpEx and consumption-based IT means a larger portion of resellers’ business is likely to come from recurring revenue.

Resellers need a market to gain that revenue. So, naturally, technology resellers’ strategic growth plans are to prioritize entering new vertical markets with the likes of financial services, government, education and healthcare gaining importance.

That is easier said than done because delivering certain technology solutions requires expertise that is hard to scale. Due to that, TD SYNNEX revealed that ecosystem partnerships are to increase as they can close functional gaps to deliver desired outcomes.

There are opportunities that resellers are potentially missing out on – ESG and the AR/VR market. Sustainability and emerging technologies are low on the priority list for solution development and business investment, according to the report.

In the case of ESG, earning and keeping business likely means having the ability to respond to RFP/RFI questions about sustainable practices, diversity and complying with supplier codes of conduct.

When it comes to AR/VR, only 14% of partners plan to offer AR/VR/metaverse solutions within the next two years, according to the report. That is considerably low considering there is a forecasted market opportunity of $800 billion by 2024. Among that $800 billion, 50% of that revenue is associated with technology platforms and hardware. Resellers are missing out on a share of the $400 billion market opportunity; luckily for them, TD SYNNEX is shining a light on the opportunity.

“We have an opportunity and responsibility to help our channel partners identify industry trends as they navigate relentless transformation and plan for strategic growth,” said TD SYNNEX Chief Strategy Officer Sergio Farache. “The Global Ecosystem Benchmark Report is an important milestone in defining and understanding what’s happening in this globally connected IT.”

The TD SYNNEX report reflects the global IT distributors and solution aggregator’s work at the center of a global ecosystem connecting technology producers, resellers, service providers, systems integrators and industry specialists to end-users.

TD SYNNEX is a MSP Expo gold sponsor in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Feb. 14-17, 2023.MSP Expo is part of the  #TECHSUPERSHOW, which includes nearly a dozen collocated business technology events that bring buyers, users, sellers and partners together under one roof to educate and build business relationships around the technologies driving business success today. TD SYNNEX will be in Booth #465 in the exhibit hall.

Edited by Alex Passett

MSPToday Editor

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