Tech Teams' New Priorities Engage MSPs


Tech Teams' New Priorities Engage MSPs

By Greg Tavarez

Organizations are looking to technology to help with innovation models while addressing all areas of business as they switch to hybrid work environments. These businesses are relying on managed service providers to come up with the technology and solutions to meet business needs.

With MSPs, businesses will have a way to obtain the latest technology and updated IT infrastructure while being provided 24/7 tech support by the MSP that is monitoring the business network and deploying solutions for any computing issues from a remote location.

IR, a provider of performance management and analytics for unified communication and collaboration, IT infrastructure and payment ecosystems, conducted research with Ecosystm and revealed that 52% of organizations are focused on infrastructure modernization and, more specifically, tech teams are engaging MSPs to help them achieve business goals.

"Employees have voiced concerns about computer reboots when changing platforms, voice call delays and video lags,” said John Ruthven, CEO and managing director, IR. “MSPs are witnessing customer growth to address these issues across devices, spaces, offices, networks and applications. Hence it is critical for MSPs to constantly innovate and provide best-in-class services."

The study also revealed that 43% of organizations are scaling existing technology, and 36% are deploying new technologies. Before coming to the conclusion to deploy new technology, businesses need to determine if existing technology can be scaled, usually expanded, to meet the current work environment. MSPs provide the feedback and support to determine what would be best for a business.

"MSPs face the most challenges handling a multi-vendor environment, providing customers with a single point of management and visibility, and ensuring Service Level Agreements are effectively met," said Audrey William, principal adviser, Ecosystm.

Edited by Erik Linask

MSPToday Editor

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