Cofense Launches Email Security Solution for MSPs


Cofense Launches Email Security Solution for MSPs

By Stefania Viscusi

Phishing, cyberattacks and identity theft have become a critical concern for businesses and the public today. The rate at which criminals are infiltrating systems and stealing data isn’t slowing, despite sophisticated attempts to thwart them.

On-going maintenance and easy to use solutions are critical for keeping up defenses.

Virginia-based Cofense, a provider of phishing detection and response solutions, has announced the launch of Cofense Protect MSP. The new offering is designed for managed service providers that protect SMBs against phishing attacks.

The offering provides cloud-native, AI-based email attack protection and employee training via PhishMe threat simulations and works for both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Best of all, it's deployable in less than a minute.

The technology used in the offering, Computer Vision technology, and uses artificial intelligence to scan email inboxes in the same way humans would and scans millions of URLs and emails to provide real-time threat intelligence.

AI is making its way into security products today because it learns over time and provides greater accuracy and detection as more data is provided.

In addition to artificial intelligence, Cofense PhishMe’s real-world simulation training mimics the latest known threats that are bypassing email security gateways and trains employees to recognize and defend against them.

“We know that current SEGs built on legacy architectures continue to miss phishing attacks every day, they are expensive, and not built to deploy with ease in cloud environments. We can help MSPs reduce the number of email security vendor solutions for their customers while also reducing risk and cost. And by integrating the intelligence from over 30 million Cofense customers around the world reporting suspected phish into a perpetual feedback loop, all of the Cofense Phishing Detection and Response products continue to get smarter and faster. The icing on the cake, so as to speak, is that the offering also includes an industry-leading training and awareness offering,” said Rohyt Belani, Cofense co-founder and CEO.

Detecting and recognizing threats earlier on means more opportunity to react quickly when a potential threat arises.

“Organizations want phishing simulations delivered as part of a phishing defense solution as-a-service for a reasonable price. Cofense Protect MSP also – and maybe foremost - provides phishing protection for MSPs themselves at no charge in our ‘protect your house’ program. We look forward to working with our MSP partners to earn great margins, add new revenue streams, incorporate monthly billing options and ‘set and forget’ deployments to protect their customers from phishing attacks," said Rob Iannicello, VP, Worldwide Channel and Alliances, Cofense.

Edited by Luke Bellos
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