Deloitte Hong Kong Partners with Qualys for Cyber Services


Deloitte Hong Kong Partners with Qualys for Cyber Services

By Stefania Viscusi

As hackers continue to infiltrate more devices and attack vulnerable networks, it’s crucial to button up security practices and use a managed approach for ultimate protection.

To provide its customers with top-level cybersecurity services, Deloitte Hong Kong, a managed security services provider, has announced a new partnership with Qualys, Inc.

As per the partnership, Qualys apps are now integrated with Deloitte Hong Kong Cyber's managed vulnerability services. Customers will gain enhanced features like relevant context and real-time analysis to better detect and manage vulnerabilities.

Deloitte Hong Kong’s managed services provide necessary threat management services throughout the entire hybrid IT environment. The company’s innovative Qualys Cloud Platform and associated applications, including Qualys VMDR (Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response), the newly announced Multi-Vector EDR, and the upcoming Next-gen Analytics and Incidence Response, will all be used.

These offerings make it possible for clients to respond quickly to threats, prevent breaches. And make use of vital context and comprehensive visibility.

"The cyberattack surface is expanding, and attackers have more avenues and devices to exploit, which is ushering in a new managed approach to security that leaves behind outdated point solutions," said Miro Pihkanen, Cyber Partner, Deloitte Hong Kong.

"Providing clients with advanced 24-7 protection is important to us. Integrating the highly scalable Qualys Cloud Platform into our managed solution gives us access to Qualys' innovative cloud-based security and compliance solutions. It provides the intelligent analytics we need to effectively protect our clients."

With Qualys, organizations can better streamline and consolidate security and compliance solutions into a single platform. As more companies move into a digital transformation, they can also build up critical security intelligence. 

Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys, commented on the new partnership saying,

"Integrating Qualys solutions allows Deloitte Hong Kong to offer clients a one-stop solution and managed services for a more holistic vulnerability and threat management solution, with relevant context and real-time analysis at scale, for full visibility across their hybrid IT environments, drastically reducing the time to remediate or mitigate critical vulnerabilities."

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Edited by Maurice Nagle
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