SkySwitch Goes into Try Before You Buy Mode with Grandstream Phones

By Erik Linask

Samples – who doesn’t love them?  There’s no better way to get people to try a product.  Ask any Costco shopper.  It’s one of the things members love about the bulk retailer.

It’s also a great strategy in the tech space, especially with so many competitive products out available, and one of the reasons product reviews are so popular – they give prospective customers (hopefully) honest feedback on products they are considering. 

The same applies on the business side.  In a fierce competitive market, it’s hard to know which products are best for your users or your customers.  Free demos or trial periods for software solutions are becoming increasingly popular because they give users a chance to try out solutions before making a bigger investment.  There’s also the “a bird in hand is better than two in the bush” theory – once a company has installed software on a trial basis, it becomes easier to turn them into paying customers.

The same thing applies to business hardware like phones.  UCaaS provider SkySwitch, which has been single-minded its focus on its partner and end user experiences, is taking that approach.  The best way to educate its resellers is to give them a firsthand experience, which is what SkySwitch is doing with Grandstream’s IP phones.

Grandstream is new vendor in the SkySwitch store – an online portal designed to simplify the sales process for SkySwitch’s reseller and MSP partners – and a hand-on experience can make it easier for them to promote the phones to business customers.  Just think about products you’ve used versus those you haven’t – it’s hard to talk about something you’ve never tried.

“As a new brand in the SkySwitch Store this year, we felt it was important to enable the resellers to be more familiar with the new and improved Grandstream,” said Rachel Saunders, Grandstream Networks Executive Director of Sales, NA & APAC. 

The “Try and Buy” promotion gives partners a 90-day no-risk evaluation period for the Grandstream GRP2612w to experience its quality and features, including:

  • Supports 2 SIP accounts and 4 multi-purpose line keys
  • GRP2612W includes built-in dual-band WiFi support
  • Swappable faceplate to allow for easy logo customization
  • HD audio supporting all major codecs, including wideband codecs G.722 and Opus
  • Up to 16 digital BLF Keys
  • Enterprise-level protection including secure boot, dual firmware images, and encrypted data storage

“There’s no better way to sell something to a customer than by having them try it out,” said Chris Turcotte, NTS Direct’s Director of ITSP Sales.  “Just like taking a test drive for a new car, the try and buy program allows resellers to put the Grandstream phone through its paces.”

NTS Direct is SkySwitch’s newest distributor, and offers 30 different Grandstream devices through the SkySwitch store.

SkySwitch partners who buy 10 or more Grandstream devices during before August 31 are eligible to keep the demo unit, so not only is the “Try and Buy” program no-risk, it actually provides a free phone for satisfied partners.  It’s just another example of the company’s ongoing focus on its partners, which includes the loyalty program it launched last month.

SkySwitch and Grandstream will both be exhibiting at ITEXPO 2021 at the brand new Miami Beach Convention Center, February 9-12, 2021.  ITEXPO has always offered businesses the opportunity to learn and about and see firsthand the latest business technologies that are driving innovations in business communications and collaboration.  Part of the TechSuperShow, ITEXPO, along with many of its collocated events – MSP ExpoSD-WAN ExpoFuture of Work Expo, and more – offers an unprecedented opportunity for education and networking for   Enterprises and SMBs, service providers and carriers, MSPs, and channel partner to explore the latest technologies that are driving business success.  

Edited by Erik Linask

Group Editorial Director

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