Comings & Goings: Adam Wray Joins Cloudsoft Board


Comings & Goings: Adam Wray Joins Cloudsoft Board

By Miguel Leiva-Gomez

Cloudsoft Corporation, a firm that brings multi-cloud application management to the business world, has announced recently that Adam Wray will be joining their board as a non-executive director.

Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO of Cloudsoft, said, “From the outset our mission has been to bring business to the cloud. The appointment of Adam Wray to our board heralds an exciting new chapter for Cloudsoft. Adam brings unrivaled knowledge of the cloud computing industry in both an executive and advisory capacity.”

Wray has been in the technology business for about two decades. In that time, he has advised companies and even got a couple of them going from the ground up, walking them through the growth phase and into the acquisition phase. The two most recent firms under his leadership were Tier3 – an infrastructure-as-a-service provider, acquired by CenturyLink – and ServiceMesh – a cloud management firm acquired by CSC. In the latter company, he was a strategic advisor to the board.

Adam Wray is best known as the CEO who transformed Tier3 from a simple start-up to an enterprise cloud platform that ran across multiple continents around the world. He was recognized as “Innovator” by Gartner in its IaaS Magic Quadrant, and attracted clients from Fortune 500 companies.

Wray exploded the client base of the company and turned its revenue figures into something in the order of tens of millions of dollars.

CenturyLink acquired the company late last year, and it remains a testament to his talent in leadership.

“Cloudsoft sees the world exactly the way we saw it at Tier3, but with a tight focus on enabling the governance of applications and their aggregate workloads,” said Wray.

“They understand the importance of giving enterprises the ability to exploit the distributed nature of cloud services without losing control. My mission is to ensure that they capitalize on this vision by being laser focused in terms of their execution.”

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MSPToday Contributor

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