Gimmal Chooses CyrusOne to Deliver Enterprise Management Services

By Laura Stotler

This week has been chock full of newly announced partnerships and agreements among MSPs, cloud solution providers and colocation companies. And colocation provider CyrusOne is the latest company to benefit, having been chosen by Gimmal LLC to deliver data center services.

Houston-based software solutions provider Gimmal was looking for a reliable and secure IT infrastructure that could accommodate the company's future expansion plans. The company offers a variety of solutions, including enterprise information governance, SAP content archiving and interoperability and certified records management.

CyrusOne delivers all that and more through its global network of data centers in the U.S., U.K. and Singapore. It bases its services on four principal features, including a flexible design that enables clients to create a completely customized infrastructure. This lets service providers quickly and affordably scale up their design as needed. CyrusOne also offers full transparency throughout its services, including billing, management, service delivery and communication with clients. The company provides on-going reports, SLA compliance and customer self-service options to make things easy for clients.

Other key CyrusOne features are high reliability with a 100-percent uptime SLA. Data centers are built with 2N redundancy in a highly secure and resilient environment. The company also offers personalized service that includes consulting, research, engineering and implementation solutions.

"Gimmal's clients are located around the world, so it's imperative that our IT infrastructure is located in a highly reliable, accessible, and secure environment," said David Quackenbush, CEO of Gimmal. "We also wanted a provider with scalability and flexibility to accommodate Gimmal's future growth and expansion. CyrusOne offers all of that along with a track record for exceptional customer service and technical expertise."

Gimmal's enterprise document and content management solutions are geared toward helping medium and large-sized companies to organize their documents, websites and other communication functions. The company aims to help its customers improve collaboration and knowledge management while also increasing their employee productivity. Other goals include improving clients' information quality to facilitate efficiency and business process automation, while also managing information quantity to help reduce costs. Gimmal also helps customers improve their compliance to reduce their overall risk and help companies run more efficiently.

Edited by Alisen Downey

MSPToday Contributing Editor

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