Kaseya's Latest Acquisition Snags Analytics Partner

By Doug Barney

Kaseya has been one busy company. Just a few short weeks ago the company was bought out by investment firm Insight Venture Partners. Shortly after Kaseya reached out and bought Zyrion, which has IT service monitoring and cloud services.

MSP vendors are all about acquisitions and partnering these days, and Kaseya has plenty of both. Its new charge Zyrion also has partnership religion and just struck a deal with New Relic, which does software analytics.

The partnership isn’t just on paper. One joint customer, publishing and marketing company Blurb, is already reaping the rewards, and gaining more visibility into the performance of its private cloud.

“Together, this partnership combines the New Relic SaaS-based, performance management solution for Web applications and Zyrion hybrid cloud monitoring platform to provide faster triangulation of performance bottlenecks and higher customer satisfaction,” the companies said.

Blurb needs all the help it can get. As on online publisher, it created some two million books last year alone, a process requiring literally hundreds of servers.

“Ours was a common Silicon Valley growth story, and we quickly needed a way to consolidate and get an end-to-end view of our infrastructure and application performance,” said Blurb CTO Adam Joffe. “Fast Web and application performance while customers are interactively designing and ordering print and e-books means high customer satisfaction and re-use,” he added.

Joffe wanted a simpler way and fewer tools to manage his infrastructure.

“I needed to look at our application and infrastructure performance in a unified, integrated dashboard,” Joffe said. “We were able to quickly integrate and display the New Relic APM metrics in Zyrion's service containers & dashboards. This integration has allowed me to see the performance of my customer facing services rather than focusing solely on my infrastructure,” he added.

The integration of New Relic and Zyrion should bear fruit for other clients.

“By combining Zyrion strong Cloud and infrastructure monitoring solution with our Application Performance data, customers get instant visibility into their service performance issues,” said Bill Lapcevic, vice president of business development of New Relic.

What Kaseya Saw in Zyrion

Kaseya saw a critical partner in Zyrion, so it went ahead and bought the whole company.

For Kaseya, the deal shows it is “all in on MSPs. Kaseya is committed to its MSP strategy, which includes serving our current partners and aggressively growing our MSP partner base, as well as our enterprise customers. The Zyrion products are also used extensively by MSPs and enterprises, so this acquisition furthers our strategy to provide the world’s leading IT management solutions to our core markets. We will continue to go to market directly as well as through our partners,” Kaseya officials said at the time of the acquisition.

While Kaseya and Zyrion both offer monitoring, Kaseya sees the tools as more complimentary than competitive.

“The Zyrion product line is a rich business-centric cloud and IT service monitoring solution that complements current monitoring from Kaseya. Our customers have been asking for a complete and sophisticated solution that provides correlated, service-oriented views of the entire cloud, application and network as well as the ability to quickly pinpoint, address and resolve any network infrastructure problem that impacts business services,” Kaseya argued.

Edited by Alisen Downey

MSPToday Editor at Large

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