Nasuni Eases Control of Cloud Storage

By Doug Barney

Nasuni is one of the more aggressive and visible players in the enterprise cloud storage space, and is keeping up the pace with the release of a new console to help enterprises and managed service providers organize their data.

The Nasuni Management Console (NMC) is delivered as a virtual appliance. This basically means it is in the form of a virtual machine so it is easy to install, manage and move around.

“With the NMC, IT can manage data access, protection, security and storage capacity from a single console, without the need to do so through individual hardware components,” the company explained.

The whole aim is to centralize and unify the management of corporate data that is almost always greatly distributed across geographies and systems.

“Until now, enterprises could not manage storage effectively outside of the primary data center. Managing data storage at remote and branch offices requires logging into a wide array of different machines or putting someone on a plane. Data protection, in particular, is a nightmare for the distributed enterprise,” Nasuni said.

With its cloud base, Nasuni also hoping to help IT avert the many vagaries of tape backup. “When IT needs to restore data, it takes a long time just to retrieve the tape, and given how unreliable tape has proven to be, successfully restoring the data is by no means assured,” the company argued.

ESG labs is one the most prestigious storage testing outfits and it put the Nasuni interface through the paces. “ESG Lab has tested more than forty enterprise-class storage solutions over the past ten years and we're blown away with Nasuni's new management interface,” remarked Brian Garrett, vice president of ESG Lab. “It not only has a great look and feel with the intuitiveness of an Apple iPhone, it's amazingly fast and easy to deploy and monitor distributed enterprise-class storage services for users located around the globe from a single pane of glass. Nasuni took a radically new approach by creating a globally accessible – and changeable – management interface. Nasuni manages the global delivery of enterprise-class data services with a stateless hub-and-spoke architecture that's anchored in the cloud, lickety-split performance that's predictably fast regardless of the number of devices being managed, and deep integration with active directory.”

The company also has custoomers on its side, including Control Risks in the U.K. “Nasuni has already vastly improved our company's ability to provide distributed offices with fast access to the global fileshare, to protect all of our data uniformly and to add capacity at a moment's notice," said Natascha Polderman, head of Global IT Service Delivery for the company. “The Nasuni Management Console will radically simplify the management of our data and make it much easier to create uniform policies for access, protection and security. In our business, I can't overstate how critical these kinds of policies are to our mission.”

The Hot Market for Cloud Storage Market

A new report, "Cloud Storage Market (Incl. Cloud Storage Gateways, Backup & Recovery, Data Movement & Access, Data Replication, Hsm & Archiving, Security And Storage Resource Management Solutions) - Worldwide Forecasts & Analysis (2012 - 2018)," finds a lot of movement in this area.

“Emergence of innovative storage technologies such as inline data deduplication, inline compression, WAN optimization, cloud-based security solutions and storage gateways are pushing the growth of the Cloud Storage Market. Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are rapidly adopting cloud based storage services to reduce cost and IT complexity compared to large enterprises, thereby pushing the market growth,” the report said. “The small and medium business segments are the major adopter of cloud storage services and this trend is expected to continue for next few years.”

Edited by Alisen Downey

MSPToday Editor at Large

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