Softchoice Splits Cloud into Hybrid Pieces

By Doug Barney

When the term cloud first emerged, it referred exclusively to data and application in the Internet, or at least remote data centers.

That notion of utility-style computing was then applied to private clouds where IT builds virtualized and unified servers that share computing resources and offer them in on-demand fashion.

But these private clouds aren’t infinitely scalable – unless you have infinite space, staff, time and budget. In nearly all shops, these clouds run out of steam from time to time. And some data IT would prefer to have on the public cloud, even if they have a robust private cloud.

Enter hybrid cloud where your private cloud is closely joined with public cloud services. This is perfect for cloud bursting where the public cloud picks up the slack when demand is high, or you can have systems architected to always share between the two approaches.

VMware, being a leader in private clouds, is also a leader in hybrid, which is why services company Softchoice chose it and will not carry VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

Softchoice serves mainly the U.S. and Canada.

“Hybrid cloud solutions like this are making it simpler, more cost-effective and less risky for organizations to enhance the performance of their business through the cloud,” said David MacDonald, CEO of Softchoice.

This is not a raw, roll-your-own hybrid service. Softchoice has engineers and architects to help design and implement the solution. For many clients, this will mean linking existing private clouds already based on vCloud with an external cloud also based on vCloud.

“The fact that vCloud is built upon the same platform many of our customers already use means a faster route to the cloud without the need for additional infrastructure investments or changes to the  way they manage existing applications,” said Steve McDonald, director of business development, Data Center and Hybrid Cloud Solutions at Softchoice.

Profit Down, But Far from Out

In its recent quarter, Softchoice reported income a bit down from the previous year’s quarter. Net income for its first calendar quarter was $4.49 million, down from the previous quarter that came in $5.14 million.

Sales, however, were up to $265.24 million, being $259.12 million in the previous year’s quarter.

Business standouts included the Softchoice Cloud, Keystone Managed Services and Microsoft-based businesses.

Edited by Alisen Downey

MSPToday Editor at Large

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