Arbor Managed Security Takes Root in Qatar

By Doug Barney

Arbor Networks scored a new partner that is bringing its network security technology to Qatar as a managed service.

Partner Ooredoo (formerly named Qtel) did all the heavy lifting to adapt Arbor to the Qatar market.

Ooredoo is using two key Arbor tools, Peakflow SP and Pravail.

Peakflow is a network visibility tool that can find and report on applications, services and traffic in real-time. This can, for instance, ward off DDoS attacks and offers other protections.

What is the Peakflow MSP hook?

“You can leverage Peakflow SP in combination with Peakflow SP TMS to offer your customers cloud-based, differentiated managed security services such as MPLS VPN visibility and DDoS protection in order to expand your business and increase revenue,” Arbor told potential partners. Peakflow SP TMS is a threat management tool.

Pravail, meanwhile, offers “on-premise network security and management for enterprises and government organizations. Designed to thwart both internal and external threats to network availability and data theft,” Arbor explained.

Pravail also offers availability protection, as well as network security intelligence.

Ooredoo is using the two Arbor items to help drive its DDoS managed services.

Arbor Networks has particular expertise in fighting DDoS and has 500 clients, including a who’s who of top service providers as customers as testament.

Wielding pieces from the Arbor lumberyard, Ooredoo now “monitors, analyzes and protects network operations through two major lines of defense, both powered by Arbor Networks. The first is Ooredoo's centralized DDoS mitigation platform, Arbor's Peakflow platform, which is hosted within Ooredoo's world-class cloud infrastructure. This solution monitors and helps protect businesses’ WAN Internet services against large-scale attacks,” the company explained.

“Ooredoo is also providing a second line of defense called an application-layer security service,” Arbor continued. “This hardware-based solution, leveraging Arbor’s Pravail platform, sits within the enterprise environment and is integrated with the cloud-based DDoS mitigation platform to detect internal, smaller-scale attacks and to actively monitor, alert and protect the enterprise IT environment.”

In Infonetics Research’s “DDoS Prevention Appliance Market Outlook,” the researchers said Arbor was the overall top supplier of DDoS prevention solutions.

TMC recently conducted a video interview about Arbor Network security tools.

Edited by Alisen Downey

MSPToday Editor at Large

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