ProviDyn Moves Client to a Private Managed Cloud

ProviDyn Moves Client to a Private Managed Cloud

By Doug Barney

Richard Tibbetts is no IT dope. He ran his company, Pegasus Support Services, for years right off his own personal hard drive. But Tibbetts was not just computer-savvy, he was apparently pretty good at business too.So when his company hit $2.4 million in annual revenue and had employees spread across a bunch of different states, Tibbetts knew Pegasus had to quit horsing around and do something about his computers and network.

And with no IT staff, outsourcing was the logical choice.

So Pegasus “pegged’ ProviDyn to support all its IT operations, which ProviDyn promptly moved to a private managed cloud, which is fully supported by ProviDyn.

Pegasus itself is in the support game, but in its case does maintenance and facilities operations support for government shops. The company’s full IT is managed by ProviDyn. And now with the private cloud, Pegasus workers can share files and collaborate more easily.

Pegasus hopes to continue its galloping growth, and the managed services should be able to scale no matter how fast Pegasus runs.

“In our business, the ability to scale rapidly is a necessity. It is possible for us to be awarded a federal government contract which adds as many as 20-50 employees within a very short time based on the needs of a particular project,” Tibbetts said. “IT is such a critical part of growing a small business and isn’t an area where entrepreneurs should cut corners. Our investment in ProviDyn allows us to scale, quickly and seamlessly, with little consternation, so that we can focus on servicing our clients and growing the business.”

ProviDyn Does Storage

Recently, MSP Today profiled how ProviDyn plays in the cloud storage space. To make itself stand out from the maddening cloud storage crowd, ProviDyn claims it can fully protect one customer’s data from the intrusions of another.

“Collaboration is increasingly important in today’s mobile workforce, along with accessing and syncing documents between devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. While there are consumer cloud products available, they are hosted publicly, meaning that everyone shares the same encryption key, which can be a big problem for a business,” the company said. “If that encryption key is compromised, all of businesses’ documents, their clients’ documents and any of the user’s personal documents are vulnerable. With ProviDyn Sync, clients are provided with an encryption key that is exclusive to their business and documents, and not shared with anyone.”

MSP Today also detailed how ProviDyn is helping a research company handle its increasing IT load and the move to new offices.

Connell Group decided to use outsourced IT when it move to a new office space, and used ProviDyn which was already providing an array of IT services.

Connell is in a growth stage, and needed help moving to new offices in New Jersey. All it needed to do was extend its existing contract with MSP ProviDyn, who has been handling the market researcher’s IT since 2008.

ProviDyn now will “procure equipment, review building plans, expand phone systems and ensure proper cabling and wiring. ProviDyn recommended and selected Internet providers and also configured and deployed the firm’s network infrastructure, firewall and switches, which easily integrated into their existing private cloud environment,” the companies concluded.

Edited by Jamie Epstein
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