Arkansas Community Bankers Choose Compushare

By Nicole Spector

Compushare, a technology management provider for the financial industry and pioneer of C(3), a fully hosted cloud computing solution designed specifically for financial institutions, has been selected as the Preferred Service Provider by Arkansas Community Bankers Association (ACB) for its cloud computing and other managed technology solutions.

ACB picked Compushare as its service provider based on its suite of outsourced technology management, including the C(3) platform, which gives community banks the ability to focus on their core business: providing a high level of service to their customers, while reducing the stress and costs that so often come with owning and managing technology in house.

Cloud computing is certainly picking up interest of late. According to Nicholas Brewer of Aite Group (Bank Systems & Technology), the technology has become essential to the financial services industry. Brewer suggests that it is not just core processing that is moving to the cloud, but all applications – a move that is helping community banks transcend the business of maintaining on-premise technology so they can reroute attention to their customers.

Richard Trammell, the executive director of Compushare, expressed how vital cloud computing is for banks.

“In our opinion, community banks need to adopt cloud computing in the near future to realize the full range of benefits a cloud solution delivers, and no other providers have built a cloud environment specifically for financial institutions. Compushare's C(3) platform, designed to meet our industry's growing regulatory requirements, hosts over 200 applications and is integrated with most of the core processors,” Trammell said. "Compushare is our recommended choice for ACB member banks prepared to move to the cloud, and its best-in-class reputation is backed by being named one of the top 25 managed service providers by MSPmentor on their global 501 list."

Romir Bosu, CEO and founder of Compushare, chimed in to share his delight at being chosen by ACB.

"Compushare is very excited to have been selected as the preferred service provider for cloud computing and other managed technology solutions by Arkansas Community Bankers Association," said Bosu. "We have experienced adoption of cloud computing within community banks of all asset sizes and along with ACB, believe the market is ready for a solution which assists in controlling costs, increasing efficiencies and preparing for increased compliance requirements.”

Edited by Alisen Downey

Contributing Writer

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