Managed Security Services Get the Netmagic Touch

By Doug Barney

In the MSP space, there are literally thousands of companies, most of whom have their niche. No one does it all.

That’s why partnerships abound. Sometimes two technologies companies work together to strengthen their product portfolios. More often, a technology outfit teams with a service provider to add value to its services.

The latter is the theory behind a deal between Fortinet, which makes security appliances, and Netmagic Solutions, a Managed Security Services provider owned by NTT Communications. The Fortinent boxes will bolster Netmagic’s Managed Security Services which are offered in India.

"Fortinet’s network security appliances' comprehensive threat coverage capability, high performance and affordability helped us decide to go ahead with them. They are also quick to deploy, easy to manage, and strongly supported by the Fortinet channel," noted Nitin Mishra, Senior VP Products & Services, Netmagic Solutions.

Fortinet was started 13 years ago by Ken and Michaell Xie, both of whom have engineering degrees from Tsinghua University in China as well as degrees from U.S.-based universities. The company now has nearly 2,000 employees and over a half billion dollars in annual revenue.

Fortinet appliances offer a range of applications – everything from anti-spam, anti-virus, intrusion detection, VPN, firewall and endpoint protection. The company has a specific line geared at MSP, the FortiGate line. These “consolidated security appliances” come with multiple applications enabled out of the box.

Meanwhile, the India-based Netmagic Solutions is a Managed IT Hosting Services Provider. Offerings include cloud computing, disaster recovery, datacenter hosting application hosting, managed security and infrastructure management.

Netmagic has been racking up the partnerships lately. Here’s a short list:

  • A deal with Shephertz to make it easier for developers to build cloud apps
  • An arrangement with BMC to “unify its IT environment”
  • A partnership with Compuware to optimize application performance
  • Working with Sanovi to offer Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
  • A deal with SAP for certification


The Fortinet gear is already proving its worth. Netmagic claims its maintenance costs have fallen some 10 percent and security break-ins are down as well.

Edited by Braden Becker

MSPToday Editor at Large

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