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August 28, 2012

rPath Unveils New Cloud Adoption Model

Enterprise cloud adoption framework is a brand new operating model, signifying a fundamentally new approach to how IT services are created, delivered and maintained.

Cloud drives substantial architectural change. The Enterprise Cloud Adoption Framework is the first and only cloud adoption model that offers in-depth instructions on how to think about the journey to cloud over a series of progressive investments.

rPath (News - Alert), an enterprise PaaS company, recently developed an innovative new adoption model for enterprise IT and managed service providers to “de-risk” cloud projects and provide better business outcomes.

According to The Enterprise Cloud Adoption Framework, standardization and cloud automation work with each other with the help of a critical symbiotic relationship that cloud builders must make use of.

Not identifying this basic tenet will result in faulty adoption of certain cloud technologies.

The Enterprise Cloud Adoption Framework focuses on the current void of accepted practice. With a special focus on starting points, traps and destinations, the Framework provides deep insight into the sequence and implications of each successive investment in cloud maturity.

“Infrastructure maturity is certainly fundamental to the cloud journey, but it’s only part of the story,” said Brett Adam (News - Alert), CTO at rPath. "Ultimately, customers and end users care about applications. The Enterprise Cloud Adoption Framework clearly articulates why standardization of application platforms is absolutely critical to cloud success and why cloud projects must progress with a balanced footing in both infrastructure and platform maturity.”

In 2011, the company installed the OpenStack Compute Appliance to the open-source cloud-computing industry. Created to make it easier for IT organizations to deploy and upgrade OpenStack software, the appliance can be downloaded for free in multiple formats including ISO or VMware format.

On both physical and virtual infrastructures, the rPath appliance allows users to automatically deploy, configure and update to the OpenStack cloud platform.

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Edited by Braden Becker

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