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March 15, 2012

Security on the Cloud: Lokahi and StillSecure Partner Up

The latest partnership announcement in the managed service provider (MSP) space has resulted in a new suite of managed security services aimed at cloud hosting customers. Cloud infrastructure and hosting provider Lokahi Solutions is teaming up with managed security services and certified compliance company StillSecure (News - Alert) to enable the new solutions.

The companies have expanded Lokahi's solutions to offer the managed security suite through the partnership. Services are available now to new and existing customers.

Clients may choose from a number of value-added services, including PCI (News - Alert) Compliance, with which customers use StillSecure's PCI Complete managed and QSA auditor-approved security solution to help reduce costs and risk as well as accelerate PCI compliance.

The StillSecure Web Application Firewall, in particular, protects Web-based security applications from attack by monitoring input, output and access attempts and also blocking malicious activity. It defends against a breadth of application vulnerabilities, including cross-site scripting (XSS), infection flaws like SQL, LDAP and Xpath, malicious file execution, insecure direct object references, cross-site request forgery and information leakage and improper error handling. Additional vulnerabilities may include broken authentication and session management, insecure cryptographic storage, insecure communications and failure to restrict URL access.

Additional StillSecure features include Log Management Services (LMS), which consolidate and organize security log events from network systems, and devices and applications offering detailed explanations network security.

VPN services establish secure connections between a Lokahi customer's office locations and from remote users in the customer's network through encryption, data integrity and authentication. Intrusion (News - Alert) Detection and Prevention Services (IDPS) help detect anomalous, inappropriate or other unauthorized data attempting to breach a network. A single device can monitor up to four network segments simultaneously, with an aggregate throughput of four Gbps.       

"We understand the value and importance of providing each customer with security that is not only customizable, but also reliable and scalable," said Jeffrey Dahn, founder and CEO of Lokahi. "Over the past year there has been a significant increase in cloud adoption and with that an increase in concerns around cloud security. By partnering with StillSecure, we are able to expand our existing cloud hosting services, and take them to the next level.

“In addition to cloud hosting services, we can now offer our customers the tools needed for securing their cloud instances. These new services will clearly set us apart in the marketplace and we are confident that our customers will find tremendous value in our partnership with StillSecure," he added.

"Our managed security services will let Lokahi customers sleep soundly because they know their systems and data are monitored and protected by multiple levels of security," stated James Brown, the chief technology officer with StillSecure. "The combination of Lokahi's cloud and hosting services with StillSecure's security and compliance solutions, provides customers with a solid technology platform that frees them to focus on their core business. For example, PCI Complete lets organizations, big and small, automate the compliance process, while protecting information, addressing threats quickly and reducing the costs and risks associated with the payment card industry."

Edited by Braden Becker

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