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February 02, 2012

Yubico and CloudPassage Announce Cloud Authentication Partnership

Open online identity protection provider Yubico announced it has partnered with CloudPassage, a cloud server security provider. The companies will work together to deliver strong, secure authentication and protection of administrative network access in the cloud.

The partnership came about when CloudPassage was seeking a strong, two-factor authentication mechanism for its CloudPassage Halo platform. The company chose YubiKey, the unique one-time password (OTP) USB key from Yubico, to meet their needs. YubiKey offers Halo users a fast, effective and reliable solution and acts as the centerpiece of the Halo GhostPorts two-factor authentication solution.

YubiKey provides a robust design and is easily operated and managed without a battery. The USB key is a unique security feature that enables users to protect remote access to cloud servers through a powerful, dynamic network access control using two-factor authentication.

The GhostPorts system enables administrators to temporarily open up a server management port for designated administrators using the YubiKey to enable tight access control. This allows users to gain authorized access to their cloud servers from any location, both easily and securely. Two-factor authentication keeps servers secure in dynamic cloud environments.

The YubiKey hardware authentication token is manufactured in Sweden and resembles a small USB memory stick. The token maybe be used for cloud services, organizations and end users requiring secure access for IT applications. These can include email, VPN, Windows login, disc encryption and Web single sign-on. The key is rugged and works on all computers and platforms without the need for client software installation.

"Security is a paramount concern for companies making the move to the cloud, and it's our job to give our customers confidence that their servers are protected," said Rand Wacker, vice president of product management for CloudPassage. "Through our partnership with Yubico, we're enforcing cloud server access control with two lines of authentication without sacrificing the flexibility and ease-of-use they require and expect of the cloud."

"Yubico is pleased to be selected as the two-factor authentication technology for securing innovative and thriving cloud services such as Halo GhostPorts from CloudPassage," said Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and founder of Yubico.

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