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February 17, 2011

NTT DOCOMO Taps Symantec's 3G Mobile Managed Service to Protect Data on Lost or Stolen Laptops

To help customers protect data on lost or stolen laptops, Japan’s leading mobile operator NTT DOCOMO and Symantec Corp. have announced joint development efforts. As a result, NTT DOCOMO will offer its customers a new 3G-mobile managed service featuring Symantec’s (News - Alert) PGP whole disk encryption with remote disable and destroy, powered by Intel anti-theft technology. This service, which is expected to be available to customers in Japan during the second quarter starting in April, will enable NTT (News - Alert) DOCOMO customers to protect the sensitive data that resides on their laptops, deter thefts and protect systems, said the partners.

NTT DOCOMO’s new security solution is being demonstrated this week at the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain.

Based on this joint development between the two companies, the service will permit  NTT DOCOMO customers to remotely disable a laptop computer by either locking it or destroying the data on its hard drive. Administrators can remotely disable a lost or stolen laptop via a secure SMS message, sent either via the NTT DOCOMO 3G network management server or a roaming network if the computer is lost overseas.

Consequently, with Symantec’s PGP encryption technology and Intel (News - Alert) anti-theft enabled laptops, NTT DOCOMO customers will also be able to remotely block the boot process and prevent access to encrypted data, even if the computer’s main power is switched off. However, if the lost or stolen laptop is recovered, the system can be easily reactivated and the data fully recovered in just moments. To enable laptops to receive SMS messages, the Intel anti-theft enabled laptops will come with Ericsson (News - Alert) 3G mobile broadband modules. 

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