MSP Today Expert Feature
March 23, 2018

Diving Into Communications

Innovation in communication is everywhere, and change is happening fast. This may leave you scratching your head at to what your company can add to enhance its productivity, flexibility, and channel versatility. Interestingly enough, a business can start off small and relatively basic as opposed to jumping right in to the communications swimming pool of excitement. Here are a handful of ideas to get your feet wet.

Living in a digital age means the idea of answering a phone is undesirable. This is a text-focused world where seemingly everyone would prefer messaging over listening to voicemails or verbally talking to another human. With off-net SMS, it enables the addition of SMS to all numbers associated with your business; messages can be delivered in other formats such as API POST/GET, email, and SIP.

Faxing was legacy then email came along in the digital age. Imagine merging the two in fax-to-email. Faxes are not obsolete just yet as are sent every year but with this capability, a fax is sent directly to a phone in the form of an email. This erases the need for heavy faxing equipment, wasted paper, and works for companies with VoIP system that cannot handle faxes.

Yes, believe it or not, fax machines and VoIP are not compatible with one another. By utilizing fax-to-email, if your business has a VoIP system, it can still receive faxes, just in a different capacity.

For organizations which still prefer getting physical faxes, there is email-to-fax, which may be easier for millennials, who are strictly digital-based. Emails are converted to a PDF and sent directly to a fax number.

There is still the need to use phones, whether it is deskphones or smartphones. Enabling call conferencing is a key business tool to allow everyone on the team to easily access conferences regardless of location.

Finally, call forwarding helps aid with customer satisfaction by putting the business in the driver’s seat. Management can determine which numbers should be forwarded, to whom and the exact time; it takes out all of the guesswork, leaving more time for productivity.

Where can your business play catch-up in the communications game?

Edited by Maurice Nagle