MSP Today Expert Feature
April 20, 2017

What You Need to Know About Inteliquent

You may not be familiar with the Inteliquent brand. But you probably know some of the names that have been related to it over the years.

What you need to know now, however, is that Inteliquent is a tier 1 nationwide wholesale carrier that:

  • operates its own network,
  • switches 27 billion minutes a month,
  • has 7,500 on-net rate centers,
  • can terminate 75 to 80 percent of all calls running on its own network, and
  • prides itself on the customer experience it delivers.

“We have a presence everywhere – everywhere you can think of – nationwide,” said Scott Navratil, vice president of channel sales at Inteliquent, who met with us last week in Las Vegas.

The company, which is now doing all of its branding under the Inteliquent name, addresses four market segments: competitive local exchange carriers, voice service providers, rural local exchange carriers, and channel sales and value-added resellers. Because Inteliquent terminates the vast majority of the traffic it handles, “call quality and call completion is just superior,” said Navratil, who added that the issuance of support tickets on its network is extremely low.

In addition to pure connectivity, Inteliquent sells services such as SD-WAN and unified communications as a service. And it’s now working to improve upon these offerings and introduce them to the channel, Navratil said.

Inteliquent was acquired in February by private equity firm GTCR LLC, which also owned Onvoy (News - Alert) LLC. And now the two companies have merged under the Inteliquent brand.

“By acquiring Inteliquent, GTCR continues to invest in developing a communications enablement platform that builds on Onvoy's accomplishments,” GTCR Managing Director Lawrence Fey commented in a Feb. 10 press release announcing GTCR’s completion of the acquisition of Inteliquent. “The merger of Inteliquent and Onvoy is transformational and creates an entity that is well positioned for future growth.”