Ericsson Becomes Long Term Managed Services Partner With Turkcell

By Michael Guta

The evolution of the telecommunication landscape has shifted the focus among operators to increase their efforts in providing better quality of experience and excellent service performance for their customers. With so many offerings in their product line and still having to worry about technology and infrastructure development, managed service providers are playing an important role in keeping operators functioning at optimal levels.

For the largest operator in Turkey, Turkcell, it means finding a managed services provider that will address the digital transformation that is taking place in the country. In choosing Ericsson, the company said it wants it to manage and operate its mobile and fiber fixed network as well as covering all technologies including 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE.

Very few telecom operators have the capability to do everything on their own, which means outsourcing some of the operational services to outside vendors. In selecting Ericsson, Turkcell has chosen a company that has developed a range of managed service models to address current and future technological developments in Turkey.

“Our ongoing strategic cooperation with Ericsson extends beyond our requirements as a mobile network operator. At Turkcell, we continue to invest in both our current network and future technologies. We feel that our ideologies regarding the future of ICT are aligned with Ericsson. We see this cooperation as a milestone in order to reach common goals,” said Gediz Sezgin, Senior Vice President of Network Technologies at Turkcell.

Turkcell launched 4.5G services in April of 2016, which made mobile broadband with 4.5G speed available in 81 cities, covering 70 percent of the population in the country. As more customers continue to access 4.5G services, the company will require end-to-end operations and maintenance, as well as engagement with consumers to ensure the best possible service at all times.

As part of this deal, Ericsson will become Turkcell's exclusive managed services partner in the Marmara region, which includes Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. Ericsson said it will improve performance, predictability and quality of services as part of the deal by introducing tools, processes and refined ways of working based on its global experience, expertise and insights.

Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Region, Middle East and Africa, Ericsson, said, “We continue to build on our long standing partnership with Turkcell, evolving our services to provide the best solutions in terms of network quality, simplified ways of working, tools and processes.”

Even though only 5 million customers have subscribed to 4.5G, demand is increasing at a very fast pace. This will require a customer experience that will differentiate Turkcell from other operators with this new technology. Ericsson will use its experience-centric managed services model to focus on customer expectations in order to deliver the best experience possible. 

Edited by Alicia Young

Contributing Writer

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