MSP Today Expert Feature
September 22, 2016

HyperGrid's HCIaaS Gives Infuse Technology More Agility

Accessibility in a timely manner is a key feature for today's service providers and their customers. With real-time services now part of the digital ecosystem, infrastructures that can't deliver this capability will not only lose existing customers, but acquiring new ones will be next to impossible. As an IT managed services provider, Infuse Technology has deployed the world's first and only HyperConverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (HCIaaS) solution by HyperGrid so it can support its short and long-term IT development projects with an affordable future proof technology.

HyperGrid has revolutionized the way in which HyperConverged Infrastructure is delivered without the prohibitive investment it would require to deploy the technology. With its HCIaaS, the company has simplified a very complex solution with a pay-as-you-consume pricing model that scales elastically. Enterprises can now have the same functionality and freedoms of public cloud along with traditional and cloud-native applications to be containerized, managed and deployed in a single platform.

The challenges IT departments face is the cost of building infrastructures, addressing the complexity of the current digital ecosystem, hiring the expertise, cycle times, and the operating cost. The HCIaaS solution doesn't require ownership, lease liabilities and the cost associated with these options.  The service has a flexible platform for developers and IT operations delivered through an open, distributed platform with a pay-for-usage model that doesn't require any upfront investment, which can be delivered on premises or through a qualified partner MSP.

By deploying HCIaaS, organizations will experience faster times to market for the product and services they develop with an easy to use platform that has the elastic scalability to address any growth or demand.  With this type of speed and scale, companies can ensure higher quality of service (QoS) to ensure customer retention and acquisition. 

“We have seen a big surge in the use of the HCI and storage systems from HyperGrid in the past few months. The increase in speed is substantial and the system has been able to handle it without any problems. The scalability afforded to us thanks to the HyperGrid HCI has allowed us to quickly get clients online and up and running without any delay,” said Paul Howard, director at Infuse Technology,.

HyperGrid has a technology that simplifies the IT infrastructure of an organization and brings together development and operation teams so they can focus on innovations instead of operations, this according to the company.

For Infuse Technology, the problem was the performance the storage infrastructure it had in place was having on its customers. The services it was offering, including cloud-as-a-service and IT infrastructure-as-a-service, needed a better solution. HyperGrid was able to address the problem by providing a three node HyperConverged infrastructure and three storage expansion modules. It migrated Infuse Technology from four racks to a quarter of a rack. The end result was lower costs across the board, including power consumption and operations.

Edited by Alicia Young