MSP Today Expert Feature
July 12, 2016

UnifyCloud's CloudRecon System Brings New Value to SAM Live!

When it comes to cloud-based systems these days, there's no shortage of options. There are cloud-based services to cover a variety of different waterfronts, from storage to video conferencing and beyond. Making the right moves in the cloud, therefore, is both particularly important and particularly challenging. UnifyCloud's new CloudRecon system, recently integrated with the SAM Live! managed service, may be just the thing to help take some of the bite out of this challenge.

The new partnership between UnifyCloud LLC and SAM Live! GmbH gives SAM Live! users the ability to put the CloudRecon service to use, allowing its users to define basic strategy, move a variety of points to the cloud ranging from business applications to databases and beyond, and then put the proper controls to work and keep said controls followed.

Users get access to modernization reports that will not only analyze present IT environments to see which might be better served by cloud-based tools, but also what systems are even ready to bring software-as-a-service (SaaS (News - Alert)) tools to work. With this analysis also comes cost estimates based on current performance data, and even a Cybersecurity Risk Analysis which details some potential threats and responses in fields like backup and recovery, authentication or data and Web browser protection. Organizations can get a better look at overall risks and feasibility for CloudAtlas users and for CloudRecon users who have identified possible cloud moves. A second app called CloudPilot can be brought in to estimate costs of modernizing the effort. A third subscription-based service called CloudSupervisor can then keep an eye on current applications as relates to IT policies in place.

UnifyCloud's co-founder and chief technical officer Vivek Bhatnagar commented, “Our collaboration with SAM Live! is an important step to leverage various IT discovery data sources. Starting with CloudRecon analysis, SAM Live! customers can quickly move to leverage the value of Cloud services in a safe and well-managed way.”

That's the point that really makes UnifyCloud's new partnership worthwhile. There are so many options for cloud use out there these days that it's all but certain a less-than-optimal use will be put in place thanks to the sheer numbers. Consider a box of chocolates; when there are dozens of pieces in the box, it's a safe bet you won't choose your favorite without some kind of map on hand. UnifyCloud looks to help give users that map with a series of services that make the move to the cloud a better investment.

It's all about return on investment at the end of the day, and the cloud is no different. Finding the best services and the best ways to use them can be difficult, but tools like UnifyCloud can make all the difference in the end. 

Edited by Alicia Young