MSP Today Expert Feature
June 16, 2016

One Major Audit Later, Trianz Lands MSP Status with AWS

The old saying is that nothing worth doing is ever easy, and Trianz may have demonstrated that point recently in what it had to do to gain managed service provider (MSP) status with Amazon Web Services (News - Alert) (AWS). The company recently completed a major audit that examined the company in-depth from virtually every angle, and when it emerged, it proved itself a major force in the market.

Trianz (News - Alert) is regarded as a major figure in consulting and technology services worldwide, and with this new ranking, is now one of the first AWS consulting partners in India. So far, over 60 clients have joined up with Trianz to get in on cloud services, and Trianz's admission into AWS' MSP operations is just one more feather in its cap.

The head of cloud and infrastructure services at Trianz, Dr. AL Rao, commented “Achieving AWS Managed Service Provider partner status brings increased credibility to our relationship, and reiterates our commitment to the client experience, by rigorously following the defined processes. With a mission to enable our clients to create and execute operational strategies, to leverage cloud technologies, we have also launched a flagship program On the Cloud in 60 Days, where we work with business and technology leaders in their journey to cloud and embrace the technology to achieve speed, agility, elasticity and cost efficiency.”

With so many companies getting involved in cloud-based services these days, it's easy to see Rao's point about needing to have a way to differentiate a firm from the huge slate of competitors in the field.  AWS certification in MSP is likely a good way to get that differentiation thanks to the sheer level of difficulty involved in getting there. Passing an AWS audit requires, at last report, a company know how  partners should “...plan, build, integrate, operate, optimize, and provide security on AWS,” which virtually covers the waterfront of potential services to offer with such a system. Trianz being certified as an MSP, meanwhile, is about as good as an independent third-party endorsement can be that Trianz knows from where it speaks about these points.

Being an MSP can mean that a business is part of a difficult and competitive market these days, but certification with AWS can go a long way toward breaking through the background noise and making a clear value proposition as one of the best around in a certain field. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi