MSP Today Expert Feature
April 01, 2016

Datashield Adopts Swimlane's Technology to Detect and Defeat Advanced Security Threats

One of the biggest concerns for IT personnel around the world is security. The 2016 Vormetric Data Threat Report revealed more than nine in ten, or 91 percent of global organizations feel vulnerable to data threats. Sixty one percent of the 1,100 senior IT executives at large enterprises that were surveyed also said they have experienced a breach in the past. Datashield, a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), has adopted the Swimlane platform to help its enterprise customers detect and defeat advanced security threats more effectively.

The cost, in monetary terms and damage to the reputation of a company when it has experienced a data breach is awfully expensive. While the monetary cost may be recovered, the damage to a company's reputation takes much longer to overcome. This has led enterprises to take an aggressive proactive stance in protecting their digital assets.

The Swimlane platform is an automated security operations designed to deliver on the proactive positions organizations are adopting. It centralizes the security alert, alarms and incidents of a company with an automated workflow engine and security orchestration. This eliminates or greatly reduces the manual effort, thereby responding to alerts and aggregating related threat intelligence by automating the implementation of security controls.

"Swimlane will allow our security teams to spend more time finding malicious activity rather than performing administrative or repetitive tasks, which will provide a higher quality of service for our customers," said Datashield CEO Michael Malone.  "With the addition of Swimlane it allows us to have centralized focused alerts and automate our established remediation procedures."

Datashield will be able to give its customers a scalable best-practice security operations by using Swimlane to standardize SOC (Security Operations Center) and IR (Incident Response) procedures.

Once Datashield has the system in place, it can centralize security operations activities and capture, standardize and scale security processes. This is essential as companies with digital presence across locations, systems and large numbers look to protect their operations at all times.

"Swimlane is the perfect fit for the MSSP environment. Our goal is to enable Datashield to manage more clients with lower operating costs, while providing an improved level of service," said Swimlane co-founder Cody Cornell.

Swimlane also provides situational awareness of an incident and potentially related events that may be part of a larger attack by automating defense with security orchestration with machine-speed decision making and remediation. While IT personnel are a key component in the protection of large enterprises, automated solutions are essential to monitor and catch every potential threat.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi