MSP Today Expert Feature
March 30, 2016

Logicalis Launches Managed Video Network Monitoring Service

Logicalis (News - Alert), a developer of IT infrastructure management software and provider of managed services, recently announced the launch of its new Managed Unified Communications and Video Collaboration service.

This service provides IT staff a helping hand by monitoring and troubleshooting entire video collaboration systems. Logicalis agents work on behalf of their clients to make sure their entire communications systems work well and are fixed when problems arise. David Leech, the vice president of cloud and managed services at Logicalis, noted that his company can proactively monitor a network to quickly discover when quality of service has dropped and then fix the underlying issue that has caused such a problem.

“We can monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain the video collaboration environment on our clients’ behalf,” Leech said. “Our reporting allows us to see all the way down to the solution’s end points, so if there is an issue – whether it’s a resource issue on the network or a quality-of-service issue – we can address it proactively before it causes a problem. And because we have considerable experience in this area, we can also assist with moves, adds, or changes of even the most complicated video collaboration equipment.”

Logicalis noted earlier this year that the emergence of next-generation communications tools such as videoconferencing software that works on desktop and mobile, all through a WebRTC link, represents an overall change in how employees and managers can view the workplace. It says the people who view work as a place to go will be left in the dust by those who view work as a thing they do.

The latter group will enable collaboration on a wide scale across multiple devices, and the latter may continue to restrict communications because of security concerns. Unfortunately, the latter group may also hinder itself from working smarter and allowing employees to work more efficiently.

The proper management of videoconferencing endpoints takes a strong role in the positive version of this future in tech. Logicalis’ management can outsource responsibility and allow in-house IT managers to focus on other specific tasks that help move their businesses forward during the day.

Logicalis’ staff can also proactively monitor the health of networks to alert IT managers about how their systems are running. When there is an issue, the staff can then assist by fixing underlying issues and letting managers know what they can perform at a company’s site. Staff members are also trained in security protocols and know how to monitor firewalls and other security software and hardware to keep a client’s systems running well and safe.

Lastly, this service can also keep a log of historical data to show clients exactly how they use their services across weeks, months, and years. Logicalis professionals know how the correct data can provide in-depth reports to clients about any type of system usage in which they are interested. All told, the link between clients and Logicalis staff means to make organizations run smoothly and efficiently while freeing up responsibility from IT managers who are already overworked. The implementation of this service should result in a more consistent and efficient work environment that benefits every employee who accesses video communication as part of their regular working schedule.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson