ABP Tech Highlights How Great Distribution Enhances Reseller Success

By Peter Bernstein

One of the areas that can get overlooked in the discussion of how technology goes to market is the critical role that distributors play with resellers. In fact, this role in undergoing dynamic changes as things like the cloud and self-service are changing both the reseller landscape as well as how distributors can assist in assuring resellers continued success. 

At the recent ITEXPO East event in Ft. Lauderdale, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani had the opportunity to discuss with specialty distributor Robert Messer, President and Founder ABP Tech what he is seeing in the market and how his companies are working with resellers as they transform the way in which they work with their customers.

So what is a specialty distributor? In the case of ABP Tech, their focus is on leveraging a carefully selected product portfolio that includes solutions for IP Network Infrastructure, VoIP, Video Conferencing, Video Surveillance, Physical Security, Network Security, WiFi and Digital Signage. These are all IP products that are targeted so that the company’s reseller partners can offer premium solutions to their clients and rely on ABP Tech for pre and post-sales technical support. This means adds a world class fulfillment and provisioning process for premise based equipment that enables hosted/managed providers to activate service for their clients. In addition, they help a number of emerging manufacturers gain exposure to IP Technology resellers throughout the Americas, and service providers fulfillment and kitting services combined with back office integration and reverse logistics services. 

As Messer noted, it has been a decade since he has been coming to ITEXPO and he has seen a lot of change.  One of them is the, “trend toward specialization.  The general reseller focused on one vertical are tending to disappear,” he explained. 

Messer added: “We are in a world where there is a new business models. That business model for use is focused either around more of a service mentality which is where the reseller becomes the service partner of his customer.  The big trend here is MSP (Managed Service Provider). Or, the reseller becomes the technical partner.”  He explained that the later really is the reseller becoming a trusted technology consultant, and that ABP Tech is positioned to cater to both realities. 

In terms of industry trends in 2016 Messer says are worth keeping a close eye on where opportunity exists for resellers and ABP Tech to help, he cites three. In fact, his explanation of them is ample reason to watch the entire video.  They are: 

  • Time of renewals.  The facts are that while as consumers we are used to getting a new smartphone or tablet every two years, most organizations have communications and computing technology infrastructure that is aged. It needs upgrading to being all IP in order for businesses of all types, but particularly SMBs to use technology to be competitive in a rapidly changing world. He sees this need for upgrading as a great opportunity for resellers in the aforementioned consultancy role as well as being solutions providers. It is a real win/win in that it is an easy way to start a conversation as well as build trust.
  • A key part of the upgrade Messer says is that thanks lower costs and breakthroughs in technology IP video is finally ready to take off.  He notes that the good news here is that solutions now are backward compatible with existing investments and integration opportunities abound.  He adds this is part of the intense interest in real-time communications and collaboration customers are demanding. He adds, that the same is true for upgrading the wireless infrastructure to produce quality sessions.
  • ABP Tech is also concentrating on creating specific bundles to meet specific needs. Messer says that by doing so this frees the resellers to spend more time with their customers in that consultative role as well as in training them how to optimize their workflows and maximize the value of their investments.

As Messer says, the goal is to assure that, “Everything just works.”  It is why the value-added that specialty distributors like ABP Tech provide is so important.  It occupies a valuable special place in evolving technology ecosystems helping manufacturers get to market and resellers succeed while transforming to meet the demands of increasingly fickle customers in a rapidly changing world.

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