MSP Today Expert Feature
February 04, 2016

Telecom Consulting Group to Start Offering NetFortis Services

Cloud communications has removed the limitations of premises based solutions, while at the same time providing price points organizations of any size can afford. And as more technologies are introduced into the IT ecosystem of companies, being able to integrate and making them accessible gives cloud the edge over traditional setups. As a cloud-based voice and network solutions provider, NetFortris is looking to make its services available to a wider audience by signing a distribution agreement with Telecom Consulting Group (TCG).

With more than 25 years of experience in the information and telecommunications technologies (ICT) sector, TCG has over 1,200 agents across the U.S. delivering the latest IP related services including VoIP, SIP, virtual servers, disaster recovery and many other cloud solutions.

Offering the NetFortis line of products gives TCG an award winning company for its line of cloud communications solutions. 

"NetFortris provides a broad array of cloud-based solutions to help our partners meet diverse and changing needs of their business," said Telecom Consulting Group. "Plus, NetFortris has a great track record of delivering reliable services and helping our customers achieve the highest ROI from their communications investments."

The NetFortris Cloud Solutions Platform (CSP (News - Alert)) is an open software-defined product designed to manage network and application resources for ensuring delivery of reliable services. It is comprised of three components, the CSP Core, CSP Integration Layer and Command Center to simplify the deployment, management and use of distributed applications and network services.

The CSP solution allows enterprises access to on-demand bandwidth, automatic load balancing and optimization, analytics and security services for voice and data communications and network-based applications. The availability of the services NetFortis provides comes with 99.999 percent reliability along with security features that combat evolving threats as they take place.

"We look forward to working with TCG as they are as committed to customer success as we are. Together, we'll deliver secure communication solutions that deliver optimal functionality and flexibility as customers' needs change over time."

NetFortis also offers cloud communications packages designed for specific industry so they can be used out of the box without having to worry about the complexities of deploying a cloud solution. The Cloud Communications Retail Bundle it launched in 2015 is delivered over the NetFortris carrier-grade and redundant private network, with all the hardware, network and security infrastructure managed by the company.

These and all other NetFortis solutions will now be available as part of the TCG line of products to all of its agents across the country.