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November 09, 2015

Kaseya to Support Windows 10 in Latest Release

Managing the entire IT deployment within an organization is getting more complicated as new technologies are introduced into the ecosystem. As a provider of complete IT Management solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and small to midsized businesses, Kaseya has announced the availability of its VSA 9.2. The latest release will have new features, including Windows 10 support so customers can migrate to the new operating system (OS) with greater ease.

Not that long ago, the extent of most IT deployments, especially for SMBs, was basically a personal computer with some business applications. However, today there are many different technologies, applications and services that have to be considered. This requires experts in the field to ensure everything is working as it should, more resources that many SMBs don’t have.

With MSPs, IT infrastructure and end-user systems can be managed remotely, allowing businesses to more effectively use their resources and focus on their core competencies.

In addition to Windows 10 support, Kaseya (News - Alert) has also made improvement to its entire end-to-end IT suite of solutions for MSPs, including 365Command, Traverse and AuthAnvil solutions.

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The new VSA has been updated to take into account the functionalities Windows 10 will provide across different systems. Customers will be able to integrate the OS with a management system designed to simplify the process while delivering more efficiency and automation in managing Windows 10.

With so many devices now becoming part of the workforce, the new VSA also has features to improve the accuracy of network discovery. The metrics the company has developed in its real-time concurrent monitoring improves the accuracy and expands device fingerprinting. According to the company, it has added more than 300 new device fingerprints in VSA 9.2, as well expanding its system to manage 25 percent more devices.

The improvements for the other applications include:

Kaseya AuthAnvil has a more robust password management, multifactor authentication and single sign-on capabilities across both employee and customer environments. It is now part of the services of more than 600 MSPs.

Kaseya 365Command gives MSPs a platform for building their services around Office 365 so they can offer more solutions to the end users of their customers.

Kaseya Traverse manages the service availability of the deployments MSPs have in place so they can proactively identify and resolve any issues before it affects the services of their customers. It maps the infrastructure, performance and applications that are being used to provide a better picture of the entire IT deployment.

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