MSP Today Expert Feature
September 14, 2015

Data Network Solutions Partners with TELEHOUSE's New York International Internet Exchange

TELEHOUSE has announced that Data Network Solutions (News - Alert) (DNS) is a partner with its New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX).

DNS, not to be confused with the Domain Name System, will make NYIIX connectivity available through its data center in Philadelphia.

“Having Data Network Solutions onboard as a reseller signifies the ongoing evolution of the New York peering market and our commitment to building our communities' awareness and education on Peering through resellers," Akio Sugeno, vice president of internet engineering, operations and business development for Telehouse, said. "With the addition of DNS to NYIIX's reseller program, peering is now more accessible for small and medium sized networks and other industries they work with, such as education and government."

Exchanges are a crucial part of the Internet, allowing different carriers to connect directly to one other. Private exchanges like NYIIX have taken over after the dismantling of the National Science Foundation’s NSFNet backbone in the ‘90s. They make the Internet really work despite most users not even knowing they exist.

New York City and the East Coast is not only a major gateway for shipping and airlines, but also for Internet connectivity, both to the rest of the country and the world. Being able to connect from Philadelphia will mean one less hop for packets to get where they’re going and faster performance.

For demanding applications like VoIP, video streaming and videoconferencing, this is crucial as this improves audio and video quality by reducing network latency. The exchanges also provide reliability with alternate routes in case part of a carrier’s network breaks down.

Unlike other exchanges, NYIIX doesn’t make collocating a requirement. This means they can connect without having to physically locate in New York City. Philadelphia is a major urban area, and there’s a lot of Internet traffic in the region. With the collaboration, ISPs can connect to DNS’ data center.

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino