MSP Today Expert Feature
August 19, 2015

Virtual Administrator to Integrate Kaseya VSA with CCleaner from Greater Intell

With so many different IT and communications solutions in the market place, managed service providers (MSPs) have to be the jacks of all trades, and be good at it. With each additional product or service MSPs offer, it becomes that much harder to manage the effective application of these technologies. Greater Intell, provider of software and services for IT Management platforms, enables MSPs and IT management to improve their level of productivity and ROI of information technology. The company just announced Virtual Administrator has chosen to include the Piriform CCleaner software with the Kaseya (News - Alert) VSA in its Go!Manage MSP Remote Management Program.

As a Master MSP solution provider, Virtual Administrator was looking for a solution that would give its clientele a complete platform of essential services. The CCleaner integration for Kaseya VSA was specifically requested by customers as a robust and economical solution to be able to clean computer devices across a wide range of deployments at great scale.

“Extending those capabilities via integration of leading solutions like Piriform’s CCleaner is a key factor for growing and differentiating our business and helping our MSP customers be successful. Achieving these goals means we have to work with the most knowledgeable and professional developers. In our experience, Greater Intell is one of the best innovators and integrators in this market,” said Chris Amori, Founding Partner of Virtual Administrator.

Kaseya VSA is able to manage the entire IT umbrella of an organization from a single integrated console remote monitoring and management platform to achieve greater IT efficiency. The remote monitoring and management capability of all IT functions provides a comprehensive view to ensure availability at all times. Some of the functionalities it offers include: discovery and audit, automation, inventory, security, backup and recovery, analytics and reporting and more.

The addition of CCleaner to the Kaseya VSA gives MSPs a platform that will improve computer speeds, free up hard disk space and extend the life of hardware by proactively optimizing computing devices. The CCleaner solution keeps company data private and prevents data theft while securely erasing files, tracking cookies, browser history, passwords and sensitive files.

“We know Piriform’s CCleaner is the best solution for machine cleaning, and now it will be simple for MSPs to leverage CCleaner across all their customers using the Go!Manage service,” said Kirk Feathers, CEO of Greater Intell.

Being a managed service provider demands continual evolution by integrating the latest available technology in the marketplace. Oftentimes this requires collaboration and partnerships between one or more organizations, just as in the case with Greater Intell, Virtual Administrator and Kaseya. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino