MSP Today Expert Feature
June 15, 2015

CENX, Ericsson Partner to Improve Network Services Delivery

CENX (News - Alert) uses its Cortx Service Orchestrator software to provide businesses with tools that will automate data service in software-defined networks and can bridge physical and virtual network functions. The company's latest announcement regards a new partnership with Ericsson (News - Alert) which provides a number of services for telecoms that allow them to increase the performance of their networks.

Service Orchestrator will become a part of the base for how the Ericsson Managed Services Delivery Platform connects individuals to one another and with media services through multiple communications platforms. This could manifest, for instance, in a video chat service or in a music-streaming application, and the Service Orchestrator will perform the task of monitoring those services for performance degradation and fault isolation. From there, IT will have a clear idea of what problems exist in a network and how they can begin repairs.

Ed Ogonek, the president and CEO of CENX, provided a quote in his company's announcement about CENX's pleasure at being able to work with Ericsson and aid in the operation of their global reach.

“We are pleased to be working with Ericsson for a global go-to-market strategy with an integrated solution offering,” Ogonek said. “This deployment has proven that Cortx Service Orchestrator is able to meet the usability, scalability, and performance requirements of one of the world's largest network operations.”

The ultimate goal of this pairing is to allow telecommunications companies to increase their network availability and improve customer experiences. Service Orchestrator can also play a pivotal role in helping telecoms measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep in line with service level agreements by measuring the actual network performance that local exchange carriers and alternate access vendors are experiencing for comparison with such KPIs.

Jean-Claude Geha, a vice president at Ericsson, was noted as saying that the partnership is already successful and is a good example of how Ericsson is helping better serve its base of customers. Through the next months and possible years of cooperation, that success could continue as telecoms are able to better manage their networks and further customize their services.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson