MSP Today Expert Feature
November 18, 2014

ePlus Announces Managed Services for FlexPod

ePlus has announced that it is offering enhanced Managed Services for FlexPod to allow customers to track and troubleshoot performance issues.

“As NetApp’s top national FlexPod partner, ePlus is a demonstrated expert at enabling our customers to accelerate application deployment and enhance performance by leveraging FlexPod,” said Dan Farrell, senior vice president of national services at ePlus.  “By delivering post-implementation FlexPod support, we extend our value to customers, enabling them to maximize up-time, ensure resources are running at an optimum level, and identify and resolve business impacting events in a timely manner—all for a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Some of the features of the new managed services offering include Cisco (News - Alert) Nexus, VMware, and NetApp storage monitoring and auto-discovery of physical and virtual components of the FlexPod platform.

The service includes metrics for performance, including availability, usage and service levels. It also had integrated fault management for dealing with performance problems when they do occur.

With the move from desktop software to cloud applications, server-side performance is becoming more important. A slow-performing application, or even worse, an application that doesn’t function at all, will not only hamper productivity but drive customers away to competitors that can offer fast, reliable applications.

These problems are only more maddening with cloud applications because with shared infrastructure, these issues can be outside of a customer’s control, short of changing service providers. Smaller businesses in particular lack the IT staff with the expertise to manage these systems, hence the need for managed services like those ePlus provides.

ePlus has been certified by both NetApp and Cisco to assist customers in deploying solutions based on FlexPod.

The company also recently released its second quarter financial results. ePlus posted a profit of $12 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2015, with a diluted earnings per share of $1.63.

Edited by Maurice Nagle