OneAccess, Axiros Partner to Help Carriers Compete With OTT Services

By David Delony

OneAccess and Axiros have announced a partnership that will allow broadband operators to increase their agility and stave off the use of over-the-top services.

"Operators are under extreme pressure to deliver new services, reduce TCO and defend their ground against a growing number of more agile service providers, integrators and over-the-top players," OneAccess CEO Bertrand Meis said. "OneAccess is focused on partnering with operators to deploy a centrally managed service delivery platform that can redress this balance, arming them with the agility to introduce new revenue-generating services quickly and according to customer demands. Axiros has helped us build this platform into our purpose-designed router, so operators can avoid the prohibitive disruption caused by new and unfamiliar equipment and deploy in line with their existing access equipment upgrade paths."

The partnership will combine OneAccess’ routers with Axris’ Automatic Configuration (ACS) to help telcos compete with the ever-growing range of competing services by deploying their own solutions quickly. It’s an almost purely symbiotic partnership, with OneAccess handling the hardware and Axris handling the hardware.

For example, a cable company facing “cord-cutters” ditching their cable and satellite TV services for streaming video could offer its own video-on-demand service to compete with Netflix. Or a telco could offer its own Internet-based voice and video service to rival Skype.

With the combined solution, operators can deploy a new solution across an entire network via OneAccess’ routers will managing them via Axris’ AXESS.ACS, either on-premises or via the cloud.

Whether this will be successful it is still not a sure bet. The reason that customers love these services is that they’re not tied to any particular service provider. If customers aren’t lured by the prospect of carrier-based solutions, they might have to resort to methods such as blocking certain services. Carriers are reluctant to do that because their customers might leave, though fixed broadband services like cable are often “natural monopolies.”

With the partnership, carriers can still try to keep their customers away from OTT services. Axiros is optimistic about the prospects of the partnerships.

"OneAccess' commitment to supporting the largest number of access technologies in the market is a perfect match for Axiros' software, which we have developed to connect any device to any network at any time,” Axiros CEO Kurt Peterhans said. “Our partnership boosts interoperability and enables the rapid provisioning of a broader range of business services using Axiros' AXESS.ACS for TR-069 provisioning and our WAN management software AXPAND. We look forward to working together to bring to better management to business voice gateways."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing Writer

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