MSP Today Expert Feature
October 02, 2014

AT&T Provides Direct Link to AWS Using NetBond Secure Service

On the heels of Verizon’s announcement that it’s offering a direct connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS), AT&T (News - Alert) has also announced a secure path to the AWS Cloud. The company is extending its NetBond connection service to include AWS, enabling enterprise customers to dynamically adjust their pipeline to the cloud as network demands change.

The move signals a strategy shift for the top telecom providers, who have failed to put a dent in Amazon’s massive market share in the infrastructure space with their own cloud offerings. Verizon (News - Alert) is touting its AWS partnership as part of its multi-cloud approach, offering secure connectivity to AWS, Azure and its own cloud as well as portability among the clouds.

NetBond provides a new twist on cloud connectivity, enabling customers to access all their applications and data stored on AWS through a secure and dynamic pipeline. The service is similar to Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect service, enabling its own enterprise customers to have secure access to multiple cloud infrastructure providers. AT&T’s partners include Microsoft,, IBM (News - Alert), CSC and Equinix, and the company also offers access to its own private cloud, of course.

AT&T is touting NetBond’s dynamic nature as a key differentiator, claiming the service can improve performance by as much as 50 percent for business customers. The telecom giant counts healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government entities among customers already using NetBond to connect to the cloud.

"Our customers want the computing power and cost efficiency that cloud services deliver with the best security and performance," said Jon Summers, senior vice president, AT&T Mobile & Business Solutions. "AWS's extensive portfolio combined with AT&T NetBond offers them the best of both worlds. Our customers will have VPN performance, full cloud networking automation, and flexible and secure bandwidth when accessing AWS cloud services." 

NetBond works seamlessly with existing AT&T VPNs while also taking advantage of AT&T’s private network to offer high levels of security and protection against DDoS attacks. The network elasticity is a major benefit providing massive cost savings and efficiencies.

AT&T expects the integrated AWS solution to be available next year.

Edited by Alisen Downey